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Need to buy one ... under 500 ... that pans and tilts well ... for a camera about 5 pounds.
Any suggestions or ideas?


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I don't know if Miller has one under $500, but I've used the Miller DS-10 Solo for small cameras, and it's great. Just over $1000 however. But, it is worth the extra chesse. It is just a smaller version of the ENG-professional quality DS-25 Solo tripod that I put my big camera on. Check out for more of their products.


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Best: Sachtler
Most expensive: Sachtler

If you can afford it, go for the Sachtler. You'll pay a lot, but get great reliability, build quality, and factory support. Plus, they last forever... We have a few that are at least 20 years old and they're still going strong.


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Oeps! See that this is a post from august. :confused:

He probably already has bought that tripod. :D