Best iPhone windshield mount for video?

I sometimes use my iPhone mounted to a suction-cup windshield mount to shoot video while driving. The camera shoots good quality video. But the problem is my suction-cup mount has a long arm, and with the weight of the iPhone 6 sometimes the video is pretty shaky. I shot a standup last week with the camera pointed at me while I was driving, and it was very shaky because of a crummy road.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good windshield mount for an iPhone 6 that does NOT have as much vibration that gets to the camera? I'm thinking something with a much shorter arm than the one I have. The gooseneck arm on the one I have is probably about 4 or 5 inches long.

I'll try, but don't know if the station will spring for the expense. I bought a GoPro knock-off with my own money and tried it, but the video was not good at all. It's an Emerson HD Action Cam that's about the size of a GoPro, but once I shot some video it was obvious why it was so much cheaper.


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Then your station is doomed so get your reel together. Honestly an iphone is not broadcast quality and neither is your $40 GoPro knock off.
If they want you to do the work they need to provide the right tools. If they are too cheap to get a real Gopro or equivalent... words fail me mate, get the hell out of there.


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cameragod is on the money. If you are being asked/expected/offering OMB driving standups your station needs to be providing tools to do it properly/safely. The liability exposure to the company, and more importantly YOU is remarkable. Every standup can become damning in discovery for even a small civil case. Server farms make it all last forever and if you're jury rigging a distracted driving seminar for audio and video playback be real careful. Its on your permanent record.

We demoed a DJI Osmo for a Submarine trip. In close quarters like that or in a car, its pretty revolutionary. The gimble system is pretty nice. The price point is amazing.
I'm curious about the big brother camera Zenmuse X5 they offer. Seems to me, tiny rails, a skateboard and a string, a jib... all make that little changeable lens camera a 4K beast. Mount a grip stud on your dash and the 600.00$ Osmo would look and sound exponentially better than your phone.


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OOMB how many driving stand ups do you plan on doing. I would have to say after 2 of them its pretty much redundant. SS DD if you know what I mean.
I took Cameragod's advice and asked, and my news director is willing to get me a GoPro. So thanks!

And I agree, At the scene--I won't use it for standups very often. I'll use it mainly for shooting road video while driving, or of people I'm riding along with, like a state trooper. There are other examples when I've used my iPhone when I would have been much better off and gotten much better quality if I had had a GoPro.


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Cool. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the can do attitude to get stuff done we forget to ask should we do? I'm glad you station values what you do enough to buy you the tools top do it properly and safely. :)

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I'll use it mainly for shooting road video while driving, or of people I'm riding along with, like a state trooper.
Come on!! You haven't lived until you've done a ride along by contorting yourself into the front seat of a police cruiser with a full size beta rig, half of it hanging out of the window!!