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As most of you are probably aware, the city of Nashville, TN and surrounding communities were absolutely devastated by 2 days of perpetual rainfall in early May, which resulted in the worst flooding the area has ever seen. Even our newsroom was completely flooded, ruined, and eventually gutted. Flood coverage dominated our newscasts for months, seriously affected our station, and continues to be a common topic in stories today. Here's a 3 part in depth look at what the experience was like for Newschannel 5 Photojournalists. Here's what went on 'Behind The Lens'
Nice Job WTVF!

Very well done behind-the-scenes production. I hope those outside the business appreciated it as much as I did. (On a personal side note, I'm glad to see that another "lens comrade" I used to work with is aging like the rest of us.)
Nice stuff Nathan! Here's to some drier days!


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Thanks everyone so much for checking out the special and for the kind comments! I know it's a long one, but I hope it was worth your time.

The Behind The Lens projects we've done the past 3 years have finally earned our photo staff a special feature spot on the CH5 website! So it's pretty cool that we're getting some exposure that way. I guess it goes to show that extra effort can pay off and earn respect for us camera dudes. It's nice to see that some of our work can take a more permanent presence on the web and isn't always just viewable for the 2 minutes it airs.

Mark, might I ask who it is that you've noticed is aging so nicely? Maybe I could pass the word along for ya. ;)


Actually I recently had an interview at WTVF... back in March for an overnight photographer position. It's crazy to see this happening...

Necktie Boy

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Watched the first part....Very nice! Enjoyed it! Great job!Looking forward to see the rest of the series.


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Just got a chance to watch the whole thing and kicking myself for not having watched it soon. A nice production, but great way to weave all that together. REALLY enjoyed that!