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  1. cyndygreen1

    Firewire to HDMI issue

    DV to USB Pinnacle Movie Box. Look for them used on Ebay. Straight Adapters don't work. Take Care, Tracy
  2. cyndygreen1

    Help with Circular Polirizer Filter

    Friends, Sounds crazy, but I'm having trouble with a Circular Polirizer Filter. Actually it is the 3rd one the manufactor sent me. And they all seems not to work properly. When I mout it to my camera (Sony PDW-F800 / XDCAM 422), if I rotate it, I get only a little change in color. But when I...
  3. cyndygreen1

    Editor Reel...good enough to use?

    Editor Reel I'm at the moment doing my 2nd internship at a station in Orlando and recently updated my resume reel...I'm planning to apply for some editor jobs in the near future and I'd like to get some feedback...I realized after I uploaded it that there's an audio issue around 2:30-2:35, and...