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  1. Lensmith

    Drone helps cops catch drunk driver!

    Pretty sure the story has stated that the Sheriff was confronted by three men at gunpoint.....they then ran and hid on the acreage. The asset was used to ensure the guys didn't have weapons at the time police were closing in on them. I can see this being okay overall.....the County had purchased...
  2. Lensmith

    An open letter to Canon, or, to dreamers who believe DSLR cameras shoot video well

    DSLR's depend on Creativity. Some of the Internet's Best. Andy Ax on Youtube Andy Ax - Location Scout Modern Warfare Fan Films by - Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer @CorridorDigital Frozen Crossing Part 1...
  3. Lensmith

    Oconnor and Vinten customer service

    I realize that there are always problems when you buy and consolidate brands- which is why I oppose most consolidations; that and lack of competition hurts consumer choice- but Vitec has really fallen down with this one. I usually drive a full-size satellite truck but do maintenance work on the...