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  1. b-roll

    Super Fast SEQUENCING...

    I wanna see if b-roller can rock the #pmedgarwrightchallenge
  2. b-roll

    Scary what you can do with a phone.

    So I take a geeky tourist open top bus ride last night armed with only an iPhone XS and an Osmo Mobile gimbal. Edited on LumaFusion while sitting at a pub, and voila! kev
  3. b-roll

    Heading to London

    Sorry for the off-topic post... I'm headed to London (for fun) this week... Anything I should definitely see or check out while I'm there? Good restaurants? Good sightseeing? Day trips out of the city that I should consider? kev
  4. b-roll

    180 Degree Rule

    This is a well done explanation of the 180 degree rule. One of those rules that is always a bit challenging to grasp in the beginning...
  5. b-roll

    Critique ME - please...

    This is an OLD clip - so old it's 4:3. But please critique away...
  6. b-roll

    Standby for MAINTENANCE

    The new forum is up and running. Kick the tires and let us know what you think! kev
  7. b-roll

    Help Save

    Done and done. This has been a great site and resource for me, and it deserves to be kept "on-air".
  8. b-roll

    Best DSLR Combo?

    Canon camera is perfect dslr, Complete it with good lenses. You can add more accessories like manfrotto tripod, shoulder mount, on-camera lights etc. All depends upon budget.
  9. b-roll

    Recomendations for HPX250 kit...

    Adapter plate is a great idea; I have 5 of these on Sony NX-5Us, and they work well. Occasional (once every couple months) tightening with a quarter (god forbid a reporter throws a screwdriver in their bag), and it's good to go. Haven't used the Sony one at all, but the Libec one is rubberized...
  10. b-roll FORUM rules

    Is there any section for Jobs as well?
  11. b-roll

    Deleting Posts