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    higher ISO noise as an aesthetic

    Are there cameras that let you shoot at (really) high ISO’s and still look good? Yes. But I’ve never thought that the noise introduced by shooting at high ISO/gain looked like film grain or was a desirable aesthetic. I guess ultimately it can come down to the “art” argument and it’s whatever...
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    I miss the old days, Kev. Here and out in the real world.
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    I still stop by almost daily, but unfortunately it’s dead here. Most of us largely “TV” people are dinosaurs and everyone that can hold a camera now, thinks they’re a “filmmaker” and frequent the sites that cater largely to that end of the spectrum. But even those message boards are not what...
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    Riot police shoot media; The world is watching.

    I would LOVE to hear the conversations with the mayor, governor and police chief after the arrest of the CNN crew on live TV. Just one more example of why police reform is desperately needed in the US.
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    Vlogging and disaster tourists

    You hit the nail on the head. It’s entertainment. I’m gonna step out on a limb and say the vast majority are not trained journalists. It’s a means to an end for them. Meaning it’s a vehicle for exposure for them or their cause and money. The more subscribers/viewers, the more money they can...
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    A Whole VJ Category? Really?

    I can’t believe I missed this last year... TV Shooter and I were just talking about this a few weeks ago and he said MR was right, it just took about a decade longer to accomplish it. The handycams and cell phones have permeated and taken over in places I never thought they would. From a...
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    Cameraman wrongly accused of being a ‘pervert’ for filming Christmas Lights

    Good for him. I’m honestly glad to hear that. That’s something that was told to me very early on, when something starts going down, ROLL. It’s also one of the big reasons that you NEVER have your tally turned on in the ENG world. At the very least, you turn the front off. Hopefully that...
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    Cameraman wrongly accused of being a ‘pervert’ for filming Christmas Lights

    Here in the US, that sounds like, at the very least, assault and possibly theft charges for those in the crowd that assailed him and very likely a civil lawsuit, as well. And I’m betting, unfortunately, in the heat of the moment, he didn’t have the wherewithal to roll the camera when it all...
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    Eye problems from viewfinders?

    Okay, after looking at the pics and thinking about the way I see a lot of local tv photogs shoot, it may be an “operator error” problem. I see lots of ”locals“ that do not have the eye cups on their VF’s, thus there is no seal to keep light out while they are shooting with their eye up to or...
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    Edit Posts?

    Am I just somehow overlooking the edit button since the overhaul/redesign of b-roll or do we really not have the ability to edit our posts anymore?
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    P2 Users?

    Avid... I remember that. ; )
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    P2 Users?

    Just curious, Ben... Why aren’t you using a dedicated card reader, instead? I’ve had a Mac since 2009 and I’ve had P2 since 2011 and I don’t recall ever having problems dumping footage with a Panasonic card reader.
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    Resolve new Cut function

    Cant say for sure, as I don’t edit, but overall it’s amazing. BM is easily classified as a “disruptive” company, because of what they have put out into the market at the prices they do. Even just the free version of Resolve is more powerful than what cost 5-6 figures in the not-too-distant...
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    Where were you?

    I joined in 2004. I was about seven years into this crazy business of TV and freelancing. 15 years later and I’m 22 years deep in it. I don’t think there’s any hope for me at this point...