Rick Allen, of Nautilus Productions LLC, broadcast video producer and cinematographer, has been producing documentaries and shooting video since 1983. As a video producer, director and videographer his work has appeared on ABC, A&E, BBC, CBS, Discovery, TLC, National Geographic, 48 Hours, ESPN, Lifetime, Turner and more. He has followed SWAT teams through the door on drug busts, traveled from Cuba to Kazakhstan with the 82nd Airborne, weathered live broadcasts during hurricanes and gone nose to nose with 14’ Great White sharks during underwater expeditions. In 1997, after 12 years in broadcast television, Allen opened his own video production company focused on documentary production as well as providing freelance production and underwater video services to broadcast, corporate and government clients. For nearly two decades he was the official project videographer on Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge Shipwreck Project and licenses that footage globally. Nautilus Productions has produced documentaries for the National Geographic International, the Canadian History Channel, North Carolina Public Television, Texas A&M, the Louisiana State Museum and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (US Dept. of the Interior). His corporate clients include Office Depot and UBS among others. Allen continues to pursue copyright protections for artists harmed by infringement by states in his landmark case, Allen v. Cooper, which was argued before the United States Supreme Court in 2019.
Real Name
Rick Allen
Director, Producer, Editor




"The good thing about science is that it's true whether you believe it or not." Neil deGrasse Tyson -


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