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    Hey, nice that I can log in still! I learned much on this forum in the late 90s/early 2000’s as I was starting out, it was a great resource. Cool to see some of the guys still here checking in. Since most stations use producers and reporters who shoot their own stuff now, and the emphasis is...
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    How have you changed while FORUM has been on hiatus?

    Wow, I haven’t checked in here for years, I’m glad there’s still a forum even if it’s not as active. I was a hardcore follower and poster here when I started in the business in the 90’s. Even had a cool email for a second while it was available. Cool to see some familiar...
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    light Panels

    I have tried one of the other brand light panels. I actually purchased the Socanland LED's and have really enjoyed them so far. No real problems to speak of and very bright. I think it is worth to give some of these other brands a try. I purchased mine from a company named intellytech. They...