2011 b-roll.net AWARDS

After too much delay (my apologies) I’m very proud to present the 2011 b-roll.net AWARDS.

This years contest was full of amazing participants. Not only does their work give us a great competition, but the stories areĀ  inspiring and continue to help teach new ideas to all of us. The dedication to our craft encourages everyone to continue to grow and improve.

The voting b-rollers help make this contest thrive. The unique nature of our voting system means that everyone has an equal say in which clips win. The AWARDS are truly a contest of and by our peers.

Thanks so much to Al Tompkins for sponsoring the AWARDS and allowing us to offer a beautiful solid crystal trophy to the b-roller of the YEAR. Check out his book, Aim for the Heart to learn more about storytelling like a pro.

I’ve delayed long enough, allow me to present the big awards!

I don’t think I’ve seen a tighter race for b-roller of the YEAR.

Rob Collett and Matt Mrozinski remained neck and neckĀ  – even tying for first place in the In Depth category. In the end, it was a photo-finish ending.


2011 b-roller of the YEAR
Matt Mrozinski formally of WAVY, Portmouth, VA
(now with KING-TV in Seattle, WA)

View some of Matt Mrozinski‘s work:

2011 BEST of b-roll.net (Large Market)
Darren Durlach, WBFF, Baltimore, MD

View a few of Darren Durlach‘s clips:

2011 BEST of b-roll.net (Small Market)
Rob Collett, KTUL, Tulsa, OK

View some of Rob Collett‘s clips:

2011 BEST of b-roll.net (International)
Stephen Press, Freelancer, Wellington, New Zealand

View some of Stephen Press‘s clips:

b-roller of the YEAR trophy goes to:

  • Matt Mrozinski formally of WAVY, Portmouth, VA
    (now with KING-TV in Seattle, WA)

BEST of b-roll.net trophies go to:

  • Darren Durlach, WBFF, Baltimore, MD Division 1: Domestic (USA) Large Market (Market Size 1-30)
  • Rob Collett, KTUL, Tulsa, OK Division 2: Domestic (USA) Small Market (Market Size 31-212)
  • Stephen Press, Freelancer, New Zealand, Division 3: International

Here are the Category Results:

Click on the individual categories to see the clips in order of their scores.

Please note: In selecting First, Second and Third Place for a particular category, only the top scoring clip from an individual was considered. Some individual photographers had two clips in the top three of a category, and in those situations, the next highest clip from a different photographer was selected.

Core Categories

Spot News

  1. Rob Collett, KTUL
    Puppies Rescues
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF Pride and Joy
  3. Nathan Thompson, WTVF
    I Lost Everything

General News

  1. Wade Smith,
    KTVI The Sign Boy
  2. Allen Fairbanks, WDEF Easter in the Park
  3. Matt Mrozinski, KING Close Call


  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF Golden Glory
  2. John Kirtley, KOIN From Bean To Brew
  3. Ryan Ward, WTHI Faith Driven

In Depth

Live Shot / Standup

  1. Peter Hull, KDAF
  2. Rob Collett, KTUL Standups
  3. Jim Sitton, WPTV

Supplemental Categories

Breaking News

  1. Matt Mrozinski, KING Just What We Need
  2. Allen Fairbanks, WDEF Geyser
  3. Stephen Press
    Sat Truck Gets Stuck

Nat Sound

  1. John Kirtley, KOIN
    Greatest Show I Ever Saw
  2. Matt Mrozinski, KING I Think it’s a Whale! … Really?
  3. Dave Larson, WBFF Baltimore Wailing Wall


  1. John Kirtley, KOIN Dance For My Blazers
  2. Dave Larson, WBFF That’s a Good Up
  3. Wade Smith, KTVI The Fighting Judge

Non-News Production

  1. Paul Pytlowany, WWJ
    Reinventing Michigan
  2. Stephen Press Harmony
  3. Michael Johnston, Scioto Valley Productions
    Possum Kingdom Lake


  1. Jim Sitton, WPTV War Driving
  2. John Kirtley, KOIN Surveillance
  3. Chris Weaver, WGHP
    FOYS – Energy Drink Dangers

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