I’m very proud of what the b-roll.net AWARDS have become – a truly worldwide showcase of talented shooters recognized by their peers. The quality of work entered gets better every year.

I want to thank all the participants, who together entered nearly 400 clips in this year’s contest. Your work is inspiring and will act as a great resource for all of us to learn from. Your dedication to your craft encourages all of us to continue to grow and improve.

And thanks to all of you b-rollers who voted. Many of you viewed hours of clips to help choose the best work. Your choices help make this the most democratic contest around. Many photogs with greatly varied backgrounds select the winners – not a select group of so-called “experts.” The AWARDS are truly a contest of and by our peers.

Last but not least, thanks to our sponsors. We’re happy to have Fujinon back this year as our Gold Sponsor. They have been loyal supporters of the great TV photographers who call b-roll.net their home. Kennedy’s ENG understands the importance of what we do as TV photographers – and joined us this year as a Silver Sponsor. Long-time supporters of the b-roll.net AWARDS, PortaBrace and Xtender, are helping with prizes again this year.

The economic situation has deeply affected everyone in the industry, and unfortunately b-roll.net is no different. Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to present the coveted crystal b-roll.net AWARD trophies to b-roller of the YEAR, the three BEST of b-roll.net, and First Place in each of 10 categories. Second and third place in each category will receive a frameable certificate in recognition of their hard work and achievement.

Speaking of winning – let’s get to the results:

It was a very tight race for b-roller of the YEAR. Last year’s champ, Darren Durlach, was neck and neck with Leighton Grant, but Mr. Grant pulled it off. Congratulations to…

2010 b-roller of the YEAR
Leighton Grant of WLOS, Asheville, NC

View some of Leighton Grant‘s work:

2010 BEST of b-roll.net (Large Market)
Darren Durlach, WBFF, Baltimore, MD

The “winningest” b-roller of the YEAR, with the 2009 and 2009 AWARDS, Darren Durlach takes home the BEST of b-roll.net trophy for Large Market (markets 1-30).

View a few of Darren Durlach‘s clips:

2010 BEST of b-roll.net (Small Market)
Joe O’Neill, WHTM, Harrisburg, PA

Joe O’Neill of WHTM in Harrisburg, PA has another BEST of b-roll.net trophy to share the shelf with his 2009 AWARD.

View some of Joe O’Neill‘s clips:

2010 BEST of b-roll.net (International)
Stephen Press, Freelancer, Wellington, New Zealand

“Cameragod” Stephen Press takes the International BEST of b-roll.net AWARD.

View some of Stephen Press‘s clips:

b-roller of the YEAR trophy goes to:

  • Leighton Grant, WLOS, Asheville, NC

BEST of b-roll.net trophies go to:

  • Darren Durlach, WBFF, Baltimore, MD Division 1: Domestic (USA) Large Market (Market Size 1-30)
  • Joe ONeill, WHTM, Harrisburg, PA Division 2: Domestic (USA) Small Market (Market Size 31-212)
  • Stephen Press, Freelancer, New Zealand, Division 3: International

Here are the Category Results:

Click on the individual categories to see the clips in order of their scores.

Please note: In selecting First, Second and Third Place for a particular category, only the top scoring clip from an individual was considered. Some individual photographers had two clips in the top three of a category, and in those situations, the next highest clip from a different photographer was selected.

Core Categories

Spot News

  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    C’mon Son
  2. Nathan Thompson, WTVF
    Easter Crisis
  3. Dave Larson, WBFF
    That Smoke Just Came Rolling in

General News

  1. Leighton Grant, WLOS
    The Definition of Home
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    A Special Piece of History
  3. Joe O’Neill, WHTM
    Columbia’s Big Move


  1. Leighton Grant, WLOS
  2. Matt Mrozinski, WAVY
    “Last Ride”
  3. Frank McBride, KHOU
    Homeless Reunion

In Depth

  1. Rob Collett, KTUL
    Prison Rodeo
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    Nations 911 Force
  3. Todd Rogenthien, KHOU
    Hearts For Hunter

Live Shot / Standup

  1. Joe O’Neill, WHTM
  2. Peter Hull, WHP
  3. Jim Sitton, WPTV

Supplemental Categories

Breaking News

  1. Eric Heisler, WHTM
    Burning Block Live
  2. Zack Miller, WTKR
    Portsmouth Homicide
  3. Jason Nguyen, WINK
    Missing Boater

Nat Sound

  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    Duck Pin Politics
  2. Dave Larson, WBFF
    Mural Man
  3. Rob Collett, KTUL
    Shoeless Delusion


  1. Leighton Grant, WLOS
    Llama Caddy’s
  2. Everett McEwan, KDVR/KWGN
    Skateboard Slalom
  3. Nathan Thompson, WTVF
    Life As a Mountain

Non-News Production

  1. Paul Pytlowany, WWJ
    RX for Michigan
  2. Matt Zolynsky, HDNews
    Loch Island Lodge
  3. John Kirtley, KOIN
    Double Barrel Music Festival


  1. Keith Tomshe, KHOU
    Police Charities
  2. Jim Sitton, WPTV
    Chinese Drywall
  3. Matthew Apthorp, WBBH
    What’s That Smell?