The first ever b-roller of the YEAR is Darren Durlach, WBFF, Baltimore, MD

Darren, we’re proud of your membership and your entries. Take a look at a few of his winning entries.

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BEST of b-roll.net trophies go to:

  • Greg T. Johnson, WFAA, Dallas, TX
    Division 1: Domestic (USA) Large Market (Market Size 1-30)
  • Chad Zellmer, WYFF, Greenville, SC
    Division 2: Domestic (USA) Small Market (Market Size 31-212)
  • NO WINNER (no qualifying entries)
    Division 3: International (All other countries)

Our grand prize winner will soon be receiving his one-of-a-kind b-roller of the YEAR trophy and great prizes from our generous sponsors Anton/Bauer and Zylight. (click here to view the trophy)


BEST of b-rollers will each receive a trophy and a CAR-1B Cargo Bag from PortaBrace.

Congratulations to all!

The first ever b-roller of the YEAR competition drew hundreds of fantastic entries – and we’re not surprised!

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Start saving your best 2008 stories now. We’ll be back next year with more great entries and great prizes!

The b-roll.net AWARDS: This is the start of something great!

Here are the Category Results

Core Categories

SpidermanSpot News sponsored by Anton/Bauer

  1. Chad Zellmer, WYFF
  2. Wade Smith , KTVIBig Ole Fire
  3. Greg T. Johnson, WFAA
    We Saved Five People

Our City ParkGeneral News sponsored by Fujinon

  1. Chad Zellmer, WYFF
    Our City Park
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    Sea Trials
  3. Charles Fisher, WFAA
    Dog Competition

Sweaty Buttery TeamworkFeature (Soft)

  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    Sweaty Buttery Teamwork
  2. Ron Johnson, WHAS
    Adrenaline on Wings
  3. Douglas Burgess, WFAA
    Mr. Murray

Daddy LoganIn Depth sponsored by Zylight

  1. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    Daddy Logan
  2. Darren Durlach, WBFF
    Operation Foul Play
  3. Greg T. Johnson, WFAA
    Crazy Water

Live Shots / StandupsLive Shot / Standup

  1. Isaac Blancas, KRDO
  2. Joe ONeill, WHTM
  3. Greg T. Johnson, WFAA

Supplemental Categories

Plane CrashBreaking News

  1. Allen Fairbanks, WDEF
    Plane Crash
  2. Chris Weaver, WGHP
    Mountain Fall (Early Version)
  3. John Berry, KCBD
    Amber Alert Avoided (cut-in)

A Place in the SunFeature (Hard)

  1. Douglas Burgess, WFAA
    A Place in the Sun
  2. Douglas Burgess, WFAA
    The Sound of Liberty
  3. Anthony Oliveira, WFAA
    Give Their Honor Back

Arena Football TryoutsSports

  1. Billy Muhammed, WJW
    Arena Football Tryouts
  2. Todd Rogenthien, KVUE
    Canine Chaos
  3. Todd Rogenthien, KVUE
    Taking Aim

Plastic CamerasFranchise

  1. Peter Rosen, KUTV
    Plastic Cameras
  2. Douglas Burgess, WFAA
    Winds of Change
  3. Douglas Burgess, WFAA
    Rest in Peace

Cruise ControlInvestigative

  1. Darren Bailey, KUTV
    Cruise Control
  2. Chris Weaver, WGHP
    Bankrupt Vets
  3. Anthony Mirones, WCPO