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Team Lenslinger’s “b-roll.net vs. the VJ”

Team Lenslinger covered the floor at this year’s NAB – even found time to share a few pints with us at the b-roll.net BASH.

In their first full video installment from the show, they try to tackle the toughest question – the ONE MAN BAND, yes or no?

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Stay tuned for more installments…

They Wanna Replace Us With Robots

From: Wired Magazine

This takes the VJ debate to a whole new level.

According to Wired Magazine, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is trying to build a robotic camera system that can actually comment on what it sees. No more problems with personal bias – this robot will tell it like it is.

“In the past few months, they’ve launched projects to create a real-life C3PO and a surveillance system to pinpoint threats in heaps of visual data. Now, the agency wants artificial intelligence-powered cameras that can recognize objects — and then tell a story about them.”

Read More: http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/03/darpa-wants-self-guiding-storytelling-cameras/

Photo Credit: U.S military (via Wired.com)

Ion Audio Creates “2-Faced” Video Camera

From: Uncrate

Ion Audio plans to release the Ion Twin Video in Q2 of 2010. This little “wonder-cam” shoots and records from 2 cameras on opposite sides. That way, you can shoot the all important “action – re-action” with one camera.

The target audience is YouTube, but I see this as the VJ camera of the future.

Specs are hard to come by, but it will probably include stereo microphones, live editing on the camera itself, and SD card storage.

I’m curious to see how this develops.

Should the b-roll.net AWARDS have a OMB Category?

ombThere has been a good debate on the b-roll.net FORUM about whether or not there should be a “One Man Band” category in the b-roll.net AWARDS.

The proposed changes to the contest are as follows:

1) Change “Feature (Soft)” to “Feature” allowing hard and soft stories to enter.
2) Remove Completion Time Limit on “Feature.”
3) Remove “Feature (Hard)” category.
4) Add “Nat Sound” category (see rules below).
5) Remove “Franchise” category.
6) Add “One Man Band” category (see rules below).
7) Extend entry and judging time (see below).

Nat Sound
Single Story Entry
Maximum Entry Length: 9 minutes
Completion Time Limit: none
Definition: A single report which contains no reporter track, but rather natural sound and subject interviews.

One Man Band
Single Story Entry
Maximum Entry Length: 3 minutes
Completion Time Limit: 12 hours
Definition: A single report produced solely by one person. All elements must be shot, edited and written by a single producer. Reporter track not required.

Enter: 1/1/10 – 1/16/10.
Round 1 Voting: 1/16/10 – 1/30/10
Round 2 Voting: 1/30/10 – 2/13/10
Contest ends: 2/13/10

Because this is YOUR site and YOUR contest, you get to vote on the contest. So using the b-roll.net FORUM poll – we’re going to have you vote. Please visit the poll and tell us what you think.