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The Story of Bob Brandon in Video

KDVR ran this story Friday night (12/11) on Bob Brandon‘s fight with kidney failure. Brandon died this week in NY. As Les Rose said on his facebook page: “Here is the story of my friend…the amazing story teller Bob Brandon. He was funny, smart, honorable, hard working, and just plain sweet…Shot and edited by two […]

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NewsLab.org Interviews Darren Durlach

Deborah Potter of NewsLab.org had her trusty little camera at last month’s Northern Short Course in McLean, VA, and caught up with NPPA and b-roll.net AWARD winner Darren Durlach. Here are a few of the video interviews: Thanks to VideoJournalist.ca for the heads up.

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NAB | Lectrosonics Does Dual Channel

Lectrosonics‘ Karl Winkler let us use the new SR – Dual UHF Wireless Camera Slot Receivers on the floor at NAB. Just before we returned it, Karl told us a little about how it works.

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NAB – Anton Bauer

NAB | Anton/Bauer Goes Big

Note: To those of you gullible enough to be confused… this is a joke! (and a bad one at that).

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NAB – Zylight

NAB | zylight

We roamed the aisles of NAB all day on Monday to see what new toys we could find. Thanks to Andy “focusthis” Grossman for manning my tiny Canon HG10 (weighed down with great gear from Lectrosonics and zylight). Andy wanted to make it clear that he would have rather had a full size Sony on […]

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First look at the b-roll.net AWARDS trophy

Imagine your name engraved on this trophy. Don’t worry… my name won’t be on the bottom of YOUR trophy. Only a few days until the b-roll.net AWARDS begin. More information is available at: http://b-roll.net/awards More videos are located at: http://b-roll.net/awards/video/

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