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Miller Tripod Unveils New Website

miller-webThe folks at Miller Tripods are not just sponsors of b-roll.net, they’re kind of like family. As the premiere sponsor of the b-roll.net BASH, they have been very influential in what’s becoming the annual¬† “Family Reunion”.

So, I was very excited to hear the news about my Australian brethren were unveiling a newly designed website. Months in the making, the new Miller site is much more informative and interactive. Plus, it just looks cool!

Having gone through the recent re-design of b-roll.net, I know the work that goes on behind the scenes.  I congratulate Miller on a job well done.

Xtender D-Pro

I’m excited to have the folks at D-Pro join b-roll.net as a sponsor. Granted we love all our sponsors – they help keep b-roll.net alive – but D-Pro has a new toy that I want to play with.

The D-Pro Xtender is one of those products you dream about creating after tons of run and gun interviews. I’ve thought to myself many times, “If only I could put my top light a little off to the side, this boring interview might actually look acceptable.”

The photos look promising. This could be the perfect tool for roaming the halls of the Capitol picking off soundbites. I look forward to testing the product in the near future.

Thanks for the support, D-Pro, and good luck with your new venture.

Check them out at: http://d-pro.tv/.