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Stolen HVX200 Camera in Florida

Jim Lewis is reporting that he had a Panasonic HVX 200 HD P2 Camera (Serial # A6TC00500 R) stolen from a shoot at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. According to Lewis, “who ever took the camera left the lens hood and all the accessories, batteries and P2 cards behind.  So, it may be just […]

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Panasonic is Offering Trade-Up to Varicam P2

Between now and the end of the year, Panasonic is offering to take your old camera as trade-in towards a VariCam 2700 2/3″ P2HD Camera. If you turn in the right camera you can get the 2700 for $19,950 (about 1/2 the list price of $39,950.00. According to the specs: Please note, NO P2 Cameras […]

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Why P2 Cards Eventually Die

Amanda Emily (photog, historian and technical genius) posted a brilliant explanation of P2 cards on her site, AmandaEmily.com. With the new E-Series P2 cards coming out, the question arose about why a P2 card “goes bad.” Amanda takes a stab at it, and explains it well with nice and simple charts and graphs. Think of […]

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HD Expo offers P2 Camp FREE to P2 Owners

The folks from Createasphere (AKA HD Expo) are putting together the 2.0 version of the P2 Camp to train you for the latest workflow ideas for the Panasonic tapeless medium. Also, all b-roll.net members receive 20% off classes through Creatasphere. COLORCAMP, VARICAMP and P2CAMP. Follow this link for more information. ——- Liberate yourself from the […]

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How to Archive P2 Footage

There are a lot of great tips on b-roll.net – everything from shooting into mirrors under trains to unique water proofing for microphones. It’s great to read interesting tips, but Mike “SVP” Johnston of Scioto Valley Productions has taken it to the next level. He’s put his tips to video. Thanks for the tip Mike. […]

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