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The Story of Bob Brandon in Video

KDVR ran this story Friday night (12/11) on Bob Brandon‘s fight with kidney failure. Brandon died this week in NY.

As Les Rose said on his facebook page: “Here is the story of my friend…the amazing story teller Bob Brandon. He was funny, smart, honorable, hard working, and just plain sweet…Shot and edited by two friends, with an appearance by another (Sharon)…and a good story to boot. I signed my donor card ages ago…hope you have, too…

NPPA to Produce Virtual Video Workshop

nppa-poynterFrom: NPPA

With the Virtual Video Workshop coming up this Saturday, I wanted to re-run this story for July…

The Virtual Video Workshop is coming to a computer near you.

At last, a video workshop you can attend in your pajamas. This exciting new approach to providing a workshop online is being developed by the National Press Photographers Foundation, The Poynter Institute and the NPPA.

Among the presenters are the first-place winners from this year’s Best of Photojournalism video contest, including:

  • Darren Durlach – Photographer of the Year, WBFF, Baltimore
  • Greg T. Johnson – Editor of the Year, WFAA, Dallas
  • Boyd Huppert – Three-time winner of the NPPA Special Award for Reporting, KARE, Minneapolis
  • Travis Fox – Multiple awards in the Web Video categories, Washington Post.

Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 19th. The program starts at 10:15 a.m. ET and the last speaker will finish about 4:00 p.m. ET. If you can’t commit to the entire day, don’t despair — presentations will be recorded and as a benefit of registration you’ll have free online access to all sessions at your convenience.

The workshop will be delivered via Poynter’s e-learning site, News University to your computer.  All you need is a broadband connection and speakers to hear the audio.

Each session will be an hour long and will take you “behind the curtain,” with practical discussion of the skills and techniques used by each presenter in creating their award winning work. Between sessions, participants will be able to ask questions and carry on conversations with the speakers through online text chat sessions.

The event will be hosted at The Poynter Institute in front of a live audience. In these tough economic times, prices have been kept low to make the workshop accessible:

  • $45.00    NPPA member
  • $55.00    Non-NPPA member
  • $35.00    NPPA student members currently enrolled in school
  • Free     Laid-off NPPA members who held a full time job in journalism and are currently unemployed

We hope some organizations will host local events around the workshop. We’ll provide the backbone and you can set up a projector, choose some of the sessions and add regional speakers to your program for a day tailored to your group.

We’ll announce session titles soon. Visit www.newsu.org/virtualvideoworkshop to register. Stay tuned to NPPA Close Up or nppa.org for the latest or drop Steve Sweitzer a note at sesweitzer.net@gmail.com for email updates. You can also follow the tag #vvw on Twitter.

We’re extremely excited about this new model for bringing workshops to a computer near you, no matter where you live!

Iranian-American Journalist Charged With Spying

roxana_saberiFrom: NPPA.org

WASHINGTON, DC (April 8, 2009) – Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who has been detained in Iran’s Evin prison for three months and who was thought to be facing imminent release, has instead now been charged with spying.

Tehran’s deputy prosecutor of the Iranian Revolutionary Court Hassan Haddad told the Iranian Students News Agency that Saberi’s charge of espionage has been forwarded to the court and that she has accepted all charges against her.

Read more at: NPPA.org.

Great Talent at the NSC 09

_mg_7237I spent this past Friday night and Saturday in McLean, VA at the NPPA Northern Short Course. Even though I have never understood the naming conventions of the NPPA courses – Flying Short Course,  Driving Short Course, Walking Long Course (ok, I made the last one up), they always attract the nation’s top shooters to talk about our craft. Television Coordinator, Bob Davis allowed me to stop by and watch a few speakers.

Friday night included Greg Johnson of WFAA, a multiple b-roll.net AWARD winner, and NPPA Editor of the Year. He shared some of his work and moderated a discussion of editing philosophies. That discussion went right into tape critiques from some Quinnipiac University students who came in to learn from some of the best.

I learn a ton from critiquing other tapes. I get more out of looking at other tapes, than having people look at my own. The experience of watching these student tapes made me realize that b-roll.net is not fulfilling it’s training mission as it should. Stay tuned for more details on how we can change that.

I was only able to catch about half of the speakers on Saturday. I was disappointed to have missed Deborah Potter of NewsLab.org in the morning and Stan Heist and Doug Legore in the afternoon.  I did get the honor of meeting the 2 time b-roller of the YEAR, Darren Durlach of WBFF in Baltimore, MD. Darren’s work is truly inspiring, but his humble demeanor and passion for his work make him one-of-a-kind. Apple‘s Joe Torrelli presented workflow ideas for feeding video in from the field, without a sat truck – to many “ahhs” and “ohhs” from the back of the room. Finally, John Gross told the motivating story of how he followed his dream to become a TV photographer.

I was a little disappointed to see little progress in the merging of disciplines. It seems that a second video track is developing for still-photographers moving to video, rather than letting them learn from talented and experienced TV news photogs. There continues to be the total separation of still and TV that has haunted NPPA for a long time. With the changes in the economy and the industry, this is an important evolution to be made.

It was a great experience to meet all of these great photojournalists and watch some exceptional examples of our craft. My hats off to the coordinators of this years event.  Thanks for letting me participate. I hope to see more people in Cherry Hill, NJ for next year’s Northern Short Course.

NPPA Prepares for April Workshop

DURHAM, NC (November 13, 2008) – The annual NPPA NewsVideo Workshop (NVWS) will be held April 5 – 10, 2009, at the Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education on the University of Oklahoma campus in Norman, Oklahoma. Registration for this event is open and shoot and edit spaces as well as Avid Workshop spaces are limited.

Visual Journalists: If you shoot for a TV station, newspaper, production company, freelance, church, the military, educational institution… if you shoot video, this is the workshop for you. Each year the NPPA gathers the best instructors in the business to teach students, hands on, the fine art of shooting and editing.

The NewsVideo Workshop is a weeklong, intense immersion into the world of moving pictures and sound. You will spend 12 to 16 hours each day learning from a faculty of more than 20 nationally and internationally recognized, award-winning journalists. Instructors will include Brett Akagi, formerly of KARE 11 TV now with the Star Tribune newspaper who tells both sides of the story, as well as CBS news cameramen Darell Barton and Bob Brandon, NBC Correspondent Bob Dotson, and freelance producer Scott Rensberger.

Whether you are a veteran handling video, new to the art, or primarily take stills and want to put some new skills on your résumé, it’s time to check out The NewsVideo Workshop. The Workshop offers you a chance to learn video’s cutting edge techniques…it’s an investment in your future and a chance you can’t afford to miss.

Also open to all attending the 2009 NewsVideo Workshop, Hands On Non-Linear/Hands On Avid Workshop. Our two-day workshop slated for April 3rd and 4th uses a HANDS ON approach to teaching the latest in non-linear video editing. This is an excellent opportunity and the most affordable training you’ll ever find. If you need to learn non-linear editing you need to be at HANDS ON NON-LINEAR/HANDS ON AVID. Just like driving a car, if you learn to drive one, you can probably drive them all… learning Avid is learning non-linear.

Please go to www.nppa.org/newsvideo_workshop NOW for more information and to register. Space is limited… invest in your future… invest in Hands on Avid… invest in The NPPA NewsVideo Workshop.

National Press Photographers Association:

The National Press Photographers Association is dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism, its creation, editing and distribution, in all news media. NPPA encourages photojournalists to reflect high standards of quality in their professional performance and in their personal code of ethics. NPPA vigorously promotes freedom of the press in all its forms. To this end, NPPA provides continuing educational programs and fraternalism without bias, as we support and acknowledge the best the profession has to offer. The NPPA’s 9,000 members include still and video photographers, editors, students and professionals that serve the field of visual journalism. To learn more about the NPPA please call NPPA Executive Director Jim Straight or visit www.nppa.org.

For more information on this workshop contact Workshop Director Sharon Levy Freed @ slevyfreed@msn.com or 303-810-6822.

b-roll.net in NPPA’s News Photographer

Seth Gitner, the Multimedia Editor for The Roanoke Times in Virginia, and a columnist for NPPA’s News Photographer Magazine, has just published an article about b-roll.net.

The column delves into the future of our craft, as we, both video and print photographers, migrate to the web. It’s not just what we produce, but how we interact with our fellow visual craftsmen.

I’m not sure if I can publish the article on our site, and NPPA does not put their magazine articles online, so the only way to read it is to find the magazine. We hope posting articles online is something that comes with the revamping of the NPPA website mentioned in the article.

In the meantime, here’s a shot of the cover and the column.

Thanks to Seth for talking up b-roll.net – and to John “Lensmith” DuMontelle for representing all the b-rollers out there.

Be sure to check out Seth’s other work at: http://sethgitner.com