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b-roll.net BASH – April 16, 2012 at Harley Davidson Cafe

In less than a week, we’ll be back in Vegas for another NAB Convention. This celebration of everything video/techie would not be complete without the annual b-roll.net BASH.

We’ll see you on Monday, April 16, 2012 at the Harley Davidson Cafe (on the Strip) starting at 6pm. We’re calming it down a little this year. No sponsors, so unfortunately, no free booze. But we’ll sit, eat, drink and swap stories just as before…

No per-registration needed… just come by and ask the hostess where the crazy b-roll.net folks are – and they’ll send you in the right direction.  Do drop me a line and let me know if you can make it – that way we’ll have the right number of chairs waiting for you…

See you soon in VEGAS!

A Primer on Walking the NAB Show Floor

By Nino Giannotti, EFPlighting.com

After attending NAB more times than I care to admit, here are a few suggestions that I can give to new attendees in order to make the event a positive experience

  • First the logistics, the place is BIG and there’s a lot of walking going on. We are not salesmen, we are buyers, so we don’t have to impress anybody. They don’t care what you’re wearing – they only care about how much you have to spend. Dress comfortably.
  • Do your homework before leaving for Vegas. The NABshow.com site has a wealth of information on how to get the most out of your trip there.
  • There are thousands of exhibitors. I saw a statistic that if you are planning to visit each one and providing that you’ll be attending the show for the duration (Monday through Thursday)  you will have less than 90 seconds to spend at each booth.
  • Make a list of your priorities and visit first those vendors that you are most interested.
  • Make an itinerary so you don’t waste time crisscrossing the floor.
  • Most exhibitors are grouped by category in the same hall.
  • NAB also has a smart phone app for the show. It’s a good one. It gives you a list of all the exhibitors in alphabetical order and by hall location (there are four huge halls). The app also gives you contacts, web sites and floor location for each exhibitor. If they could only have a GPS for inside the halls…… but I’m sure it is in the making.
  • Get a big breakfast before you get there. There are a few cafeterias and Starbucks inside the convention center. The lines are endless and the food is expensive and poor to mediocre. Typical of convention catering.
  • Bring a backpack to put all the literatures you’ll be getting from the vendors as well as the many free magazines. If you use the hand bags that you can get there for free your arm will be ready to fall off by mid afternoon.
  • If you plan to fly out right after the show they have a great bags check-in that you can leave your luggages.
  • Hotels in Vegas this year are the cheapest that I’ve seen in the last 30 years. With the tragedy in Japan I’m sure that the international attendance will be lower. I’ve seen many hotels cheaper today that they were one month ago thus offsetting the higher air fares; so waiting might be a good thing.
  • There are buses that leave regularly to and from the convention center to every major hotel, they are free as long as you have your badge.
  • Stay away from the slot machines.

Please feel free to add your own suggestions.

Team Lenslinger’s “b-roll.net vs. the VJ”

Team Lenslinger covered the floor at this year’s NAB – even found time to share a few pints with us at the b-roll.net BASH.

In their first full video installment from the show, they try to tackle the toughest question – the ONE MAN BAND, yes or no?

Get the Flash Player to see this content.

Stay tuned for more installments…

Team Lenslinger Interviews b-roll.net at NAB

I always say at a big media event – we the media are getting bored when we start interviewing each other.

Upon meeting up with Team Lenslinger this year at NAB, we almost immediately started interviewing each other. Suffices to say there was way to much going on to be bored.

It was the ultimate pleasure to run into Stewart, Chris, Anthony, Rick and Emily on the floor. The “team” worked their butts off on the floor of NAB and grabbed some great interviews and stories. Photos and videos continue to dribble out. I look forward to see what comes out of the editing room when Chris Weaver gets done with it.

In the meantime, here’s a raw (and rather long – I apologize for rambling) interview of Stewart Pittman interviewing me. We later reversed the roles and should have an interview of me interviewing Stewart. Stay tuned for that.

Team Lenslinger Covers the b-roll.net BASH

One of my regrets of trying to squeeze too much NAB into too little time, is not having the chance to hang out with Team Lenslinger a little longer. We had a brief time to chat on the floor…

…but I didn’t get to pal around with the talented storytellers like Stewart Pittman, Chris Weaver, Rick Portier, Adam Krolfifer and Amanda Emily. Thankfully for all of us, they documented their adventures and we’ll soon be able to live vicariously through them.

It’s 2pm ET on Wednesday, so I’m guessing they’re on the plane right now. Ever the deadline meeting professionals, their first installment on the b-roll.net BASH is already online.

Monday at NAB 2010

Greatings from the floor of NAB 2010.

It’s an action packed floor filled with in-your-face products – mainly 3D. Instead of looking for trombones pushing their way out of the screen, I’ve started looking for more ready to use NOW tools.

We’ve talked with Live U, Anton Bauer, Miller, Portabrace, Zylight, Marshall, Litepanel, Xtender, Bron and GoPro. Keep tabs on our twitter feed for the latest photos from my blurry iPhone.

I ran into Team Lenslinger and more interviews were done in more directions from more varieties of cameras than ever before. That’s what happens when too many camera geeks gather in one space. Videos will be on our page at: http://b-roll.net/go/live/ and on lenslinger.com.

Ok… back to the floor for me. Stay tuned for the b-roll.net BASH – streamed live (if I can make it work) from 9-12mid ET.

Sorry for the sideways shots… can’t edit them on the fly. Stay tuned for a right-side-up world.

b-roll.net LIVE

In preparation for NAB2010, we’ve teamed up with livestream to set up a live video channel here on b-roll.net. Presently we’re looping the first place finishers in the b-roll.net AWARDS, but when we land in Vegas, we’ll have intermittent live cut-ins. The “live shots” will be shot with web-cams and cell phone cameras, so the video quality might not match the equipment we’re used to, but it will be the fastest way to share the excitement of NAB with you.

If we can get a connection, we’ll have live video from the BASH. Don’t worry the really good stuff with “stay in Vegas.”

We have a small player on the front page of b-roll.net – or you can always go straight to http://b-roll.net/go/live/.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

See you “on the TV!”