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NEW iPhone Golden Hour App

Here in DC, days are finally getting longer. At least long enough to prevent the need for changing gels from daylight to tungsten between the 5 and 6pm live shots. It’s nice to think it’s only going to get better (until the Summer Solstice).

It’s always helpful to know when you’re going to need gels for live shots… and when you’ll get that beautiful golden sunrise or sunset for your next shoot.

We’ve had a helpful b-roll.net GOLDEN HOUR calculator here for a while now, but photog historian / web guru, Amanda Emily has taken it mobile for us. Using your iphone (sorry crackberry and android fans), go to http://b-roll.net/gh. Your phone will ask you if it can use your location… click yes (don’t worry – we won’t tell the desk where you are…) and select “Get Information.” You will quickly be given the Blue Hour, Gold Hour, Sunrise and Sunset times for your location today and tomorrow. Probably more info that you need… but do with it as you will.

Don’t forget to press the “+” sign and place the app on your homepage. This will make it easy to find.

Thanks to Amanda for the programming and implementation. Let us know what you need mobilized next!

Mobile Sunsets with iPhone Golden Hour App

iconAmanda Emily has done it again. The brilliant and creative mind behind the b-roll.net Golden Hour Calculator has decided to think small. iPhone small, that is. iPhone AppNow with a quick and easy web based app on your iPhone, you can get instant times for today and tomorrow’s Blue and Golden Hours. You don’t even have to know where you are – your phone figures that out for you.

On your iPhone, go to: http://goldenhour.info,  bookmark it, and simply click on “Get Information.” You can’t really get any easier than that. In seconds, the phone figures out its GPS location and tells you the important times and dates. Very cool…

Thanks Amanda, for sharing this app with us!

Post Daylight Saving Help with the Golden Hour Calculator

sunsetNow that folks here in the States have switched back to Standard Time (away from Daylight Saving Time) is time to readjust your evening live shot lighting.

Amanda Emily has created a beautiful interface that she’s shared with us – the b-roll.net Golden Hour Calculator.

They system figures out where you are on the globe and gives you a months worth of times for morning and evening golden hour and blue hour. Check it out – and light accordingly.

In the meantime, as the weather gets cooler, I’ll be dreaming of going back to Grand Cayman (as seen in my photo to the right).

b-roll.net Golden Hour Calculator

goldenhourAfter I bragged about a “golden hour” calculator I found on the internet, Amanda Emily, photog historian and lifesaving server-tech, told me she had already built one. She kindly shared it with the b-roll community, and we’re now proud to unveil the b-roll.net Golden Hour Calculator.

Even though it sounds like half-price drink time at the bar, “golden hour” is that twice daily time when the sunlight is most pleasing. Normally just after sunrise and just before the sun sets – if you have a fairly cloudless sky.

This calculator figures out where you are in the world and gives you a 30 day chart of morning and evening “golden hours” and “blue hours.”  Blue hours always seem to hit right when you’re doing an evening live shot and the need to change light filters increases minute by minute.

So please test out the b-roll.net Golden Hour Calculator and let us know what you think. Thanks again to Amanda Emily for her hard work coding this helpful resource.

And continued appreciation for her helping to keep b-roll.net free of hackers…