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Help Me Teach Future Photogs…

b-roll-net-101At its core, b-roll.net is about education. Hopefully the many tips and tricks found on this site have inspired a few photogs to try something new. At the very least, we’re a group who appreciates the good work found in our industry.

I’ve decided to take that teaching spirit to the next level and become an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism. While I’ll still be shooting at Cox Media Group as usual, I will be infecting a group of students taking J262 with Broadcast Shooting and Editing two nights a week.

Former CNN shooter, Bethany Swain is gracefully taking me under her wing as I learn the ropes of teaching. I’m taking notes from great presenters I’ve had in the past – like Les Rose, Al Tompkins, Stan Heist, and Darren Durlach (surely, I’m failing to remember all the great teachers).

So starting in January, I may be calling on you to help me scrounge up examples to demonstrate core principles I’m teaching. Also, my students may be looking around the site for ideas – please be nice to them. They may be green – but they’re eager to learn how to do it right.

Thanks for teaching me so much over the years, here on b-roll.net. Let’s hope I can prove the old adage wrong – “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.”

All the best,




Help Out a Fellow Photog

ryan-beardMy Norfolk, VA buddy Ryan Beard is an exceptionally gifted shooter who went from studio camera, to news camera to production shooter. Not only does he have a great eye, he’s got a great heart – and a big smile for the folks around him.

I was greatly disheartened to hear that he’s recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. He’s going through treatment now, but the doctors are only giving him 2-3 years.

Being smart, Ryan wants to spend as much of that time with his family and friends – and hopes people can help him.

He’s raising money through GoFundMe.com in order to pay for a family getaway in the Outer Banks, NC. Any money over his goal will go towards medical expenses and a college fund for his son Ben.

Check out his page and help if you can….


ImageJunkies Tells Us How to Deal with the Cold

JulieR-in-Sweden Long time friend of b-roll.net, is a BBC photog based in South Africa. His blog site, ImageJunkies is filled with amazing stories of international network shooting as well as the tips and tricks that come with it…

As our weather here in DC starts to cool off, the fear of winter is creeping up on us (Ok, maybe “fear” is a strong word). BBC Camerawoman Julie Ritson has been based in Moscow. She doesn’t share my “fear.”

Like most ideas that help us shoot better – a lot of it comes down to preparation.

Check out Julie’s tricks, HERE.



Team Lenslinger Interviews b-roll.net at NAB

I always say at a big media event – we the media are getting bored when we start interviewing each other.

Upon meeting up with Team Lenslinger this year at NAB, we almost immediately started interviewing each other. Suffices to say there was way to much going on to be bored.

It was the ultimate pleasure to run into Stewart, Chris, Anthony, Rick and Emily on the floor. The “team” worked their butts off on the floor of NAB and grabbed some great interviews and stories. Photos and videos continue to dribble out. I look forward to see what comes out of the editing room when Chris Weaver gets done with it.

In the meantime, here’s a raw (and rather long – I apologize for rambling) interview of Stewart Pittman interviewing me. We later reversed the roles and should have an interview of me interviewing Stewart. Stay tuned for that.