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How to Make Your Own Camera Slider

German digital-marketing-guru, Friedhelm Fischer, has created a simple tutorial for making a professional grade camera slider. The video explains it all, but you can read more about it on his website,  http://www.friedhelm-fischer.de.

The shots at the end of the video show the amazingly subtle effects you can get when the slider. The beauty is accentuated by the shallow depth-of-field of the Canon 7D – but this could make your next boring “documents” shoot come alive.

Thanks Friedhelm for sharing…

How to Archive P2 Footage

There are a lot of great tips on b-roll.net – everything from shooting into mirrors under trains to unique water proofing for microphones.

It’s great to read interesting tips, but Mike “SVP” Johnston of Scioto Valley Productions has taken it to the next level. He’s put his tips to video.

Thanks for the tip Mike.

Join Mike and upload your tips and ideas to b-roll.net TV and share your knowledge with the rest of us.

Secret 9V Hiding Place

From: Tom Cassidy, Chief Photogapher, WPIX-TV New York

This is a trick/tip for Ultralight users. Ok, you’re a million miles away from the crew car and you of course didn’t bring a run bag. Now it’s time for some MOS or an impromptu presser and the 9V in your TX or RX is flaking out. Well if you use an Anton Bauer Ultralight then simply tilt the light head up and in the small cavity underneath will be your backup 9V discreetly taped in place! Problem solved!!! Of course having your run bag is a better option but as we all know; stuff happens.

Cheap Interior Car Lighting

From Tom Cassidy, Chief Photographer, WPIX-TV, New York

I stumbled upon a flashlight made by EVEREADY that has over the years become my secret weapon(s) for interior car lighting. The flashlight is about 6 inches long is flat and uses a fluorescent bulb. It will fit in the middle of a steering wheel, in the sun visor, on the dashboard, even on the ceiling. I have put this sucker and at times several of them almost everywhere in a car (with the help of some “G” tape) It has provided me with some of the most natural “source” lighting you can get. The best part is they’re only $6—take seconds to install and can be stored anywhere!

Cruisin’ with the Windows Down

From: Mark VanDike Chief Photog, WMBB News 13, Panama City, FL
Here in Florida with hurricanes and torrential rain, our reporters would have problems coming out of the rainy weather into an air conditioned building. As every photog knows the tape will humidify, and when one starts to edit, the tape jams. What I’ve told reporters here is to drive around with all the windows down and no air on while they are out getting a story. With the camera staying at the same temp while shooting and traveling it eliminates the humidity getting into the camera as quickly. Once they finish shooting they should take out the tape, but still leave the windows down. Once they get back to the station take the tape directly to the tape deck since interior temperature of the tape deck would be a little closer to the temperature of the outdoors rather than the temperature of the cool air in the newsroom.

Pen Tape Dispenser

From: Zach Love, WLFI Lafayette, IN
In an effort to save space in my gear bag I take an old pen and slowly wrap gaffer tape around the pen in loops until I get to about a 2″ diameter. I find if I ever need some tape quickly it is right there and it is a lot smaller / lighter than carrying an entire roll around w/ me everywhere.

Lend Me Some Shade

From: Francis J Juarez

Everybody talks about the cold weather, gloves, cold, cold, cold… I film a documentary on Israel, the temperature at 2pm was around 115 and there is no Shadow any where. The cameras start malfunctioning, LCD start melting, so here is my FREE and USEFUL tip: A simple umbrella for the baby strollers, (for the rain, wind etc…), you attach the umbrella to the camera very Easy (normally baby umbrellas, have like a grip arm to attach to any stroller, is flexible, and you save the equipment, that is the most important thing. You can laugh and you can thing looks funny, but for $6 to 10 and less than 10 OZ. you save your camera, your work and your job.