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Life in a Day / Shift in the Life

“Aliens” and “Blade Runner” director Ridley Scott, along with Scottish Director Kevin MacDonald and YouTube are prepping for the mammoth project called “Life in a Day.”

They’re “crowd-sourcing” a movie that takes place entirely in 24 hours of July 24, 2010. You shoot a day in your life, send it to YouTube, and Scott and MacDonald will edit all down to a documentary for the Sundance Film Festival.


To totally steal their idea, we want you to shoot a “Shift in the Life.” Upload a short package introducing us to your shop – your newsroom – your trucks – and your gear. Let us meet your fellow photogs and reporters. Show us what it’s really like in your world.

We’ll gather some prizes and give you something for your hard work.

More details to follow.

CNN’s Bethany Swain is WHNPA Video Photographer of the Year

From: White House News Photographers Association

Veteran CNN photojournalist, Bethany Swain has been awarded the 2010 White House News Photographers Association Video Photographer of the Year in the ‘Eyes of History™’ video contest.

That could be the longest award title in the world – but doesn’t diminish the impressive feat. Congratulations to Swain on a huge accolade.

Not only is Ms. Swain a hard-working national photog based here in DC, she’s also the Project Coordinator for the amazing “In Focus” series of photog nat-sound essays shown quarterly on CNN. A great inspiration for news shooters everywhere.

The winning video clips should be online soon.

Read more at: WHNPA.org

Let the b-roll.net COMMERCIAL Voting Begin

b-roll-oldtvI’ve got good news and bad news.

The bad news is we didn’t get a lot of entries in the b-roll.net COMMERCIAL contest.  I was really excited about this contest and hoping to get tons of creative experiments, but it turns out we only received TWO.

The good news is both entries are GREAT and with 2 amazing prizes, both entrants will be walking away with something.

cage-photo-220You get to decide who gets which prize.

The folks at ENGcage are giving away a FREE in-truck camera cage ($850 value) to the first place winner and

mb210bThe folks at ProSource are giving away a FREE VOCAS MB-210 Matte Box ($600 value) to the second place video.

Go to the b-roll.net TV CONTEST section and vote for your favorite video.

Voting for this contest is exactly like the b-roll.net AWARDS. As you’re watching the video, a 5 point scale will display below the clip after a delay. buttonsSimply click 1 through 5 to rate the clip. We’ll tabulate the scores to find the winner.

WIN by Creating a Commercial for b-roll.net

cage-photo-220We have some prizes to give away, and we want to give them to YOU.

The folks at ENGcage want to give you a FREE in-truck camera cage. ($850 value)

But wait! There’s MORE!

mb210bThe folks at ProSource want to give you a FREE VOCAS MB-210 Matte Box. ($600 value)

What would you give for a chance to win these prizes? 30 seconds? 60 seconds?

That’s all it takes! Shoot and edit a 30 to 60 second commercial for b-roll.net. Put the ShamWow guy to shame, and show us your creativity, salesmanship and sense of humor.

The rules are simple. Entries must be less than 60 seconds and PG rated. That’s it. Keep the b-roll.net FORUM rules in mind.

First place wins an ENGcage and second place wins a VOCAS Matte Box from ProSource.

b-roll-oldtvUpload your best clip from now until 11pm Eastern Time, July 31 at b-roll.net TV.  Registered “b-rollers” will vote on their favorite from July 31 until August 14, 2009. We’ll announce the winner as soon as the votes are tabulated.

Entering this b-roll.net CONTEST works just like the b-roll.net AWARDS. For the basics on how to enter your clip in the CONTEST, check out these instructions.

Thanks to our sponsors for helping us have a little b-roll.net FUN.

engcage prosource

Here are some hi-res graphic files you can use in your commercial.

Photoshop File with Elements
Photoshop File with Elements
Keyable b-roll.net PNG logo
Key-able b-roll.net PNG logo

Last Day to Enter the Xtender Giveaway

xtenderThe folks at D-PRO want a random b-roller to receive a free Xtender lighting accessory. The Xtender is a cool invention that we first looked at during last year’s NAB. It is a must-have in the run-and-gun world of TV news.

All you have to do for a chance to win is answer a few questions in our survey below. Please enter a legitimate email address or we won’t be able to tell you that you’ve won.

We’ll accept entries until the end of the month. Keep in mind that it’s February, so that’s not very far away. We’ll announce the winner on March 1, 2009. You’ll have your new Xtender just in time for sweeps!

Good luck!

Contest entry ends February 28, 2009