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BBC Approves XF300 305 for Independent Productions

From: XDCAM-User

According to the recently updated BBC HD Production Guide, the Canon XF300 (and 305) are approved for independent productions. These Canon’s are now the first 1/3″ chips allowed in HD shows, even though their guidelines require a 1/2″ sensor.

Are small-chip cameras just getting that good, or are standards being loosened?

Let the debate begin.

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Frontline DP Talks about War Documentary with 5DmkII

danfungFrom: DSLR News Shooter

We told you about photojournalist Danfung Dennis shooting the Frontline documentary Obama’s War and his own online doc Battle for Hearts and Minds with the Canon 5DmkII.

Now on his new blog, DSLR News Shooter, Dennis talks about his rig and method for shooting in extremely unforgiving environments – in his own words.

Check it out here…

View the trailer for his documentary here… please note that some language in the trailer is NSFW.

The Future Merging of Magazines and Video

run-squareSo the Kate Beckinsale shoot for Esquire demonstrates how we can shoot video and pull still from the motion.

Now photographer Alexx Henry and his team are looking at the hypothetical concept of video magazines presented on flexible OLED “paper.”

In this video, Alexx Henry takes us through the creation of the living portrait of the triathlete Chris Lieto photographed using the Red One cinema camera and the 5d Mark II.

From: Gizmodo

SNL DP Uses Canon 5d and 7d for Open

snlFrom: Philip Bloom

According to Alex Buono, DP for SNL, the new show open for Saturday Night Live was shot on the Canon 5d and 7d. In addition, some of the commercials and shorts normally shot on film were accomplished with the dSLRs. Normally these segments would be shot on the Cinealta, Varicam or HVX-200.

As most people have, Buono found some details that could be improved with the cameras, and passed his opinions on to Canon.

Read more on Philip Bloom’ s Blog.

Philip Bloom Shoots the 7D

The MacGyver of digital video cameras, Philip Bloom can shoot beautiful images on just about anything. And his string of video product reviews, world travels and active blog somehow leave him time to try every new camera that is released.

This weekend, Bloom took a break from his F-Stop Academy in Dublin to shoot with a pre-production model of the new Canon 7D.  I realize the SLR form factor may not be the best for video, but ever since I witnessed the 5D video from Vincent Laforet, I’ve been fascinated by what these cameras can do. I know it’s blasphemous to utter, but I believe film is dead.

Narrow “Focus” Minded

When I was a kid, I discovered my mother’s Yashica Twin Reflex camera in the attic. I had no film for it, but it was still the coolest toy. The lens projected a moving image on its huge focus screen, and the image had a special quality that made it look like film. Before VCR’s and camcorders, it was my first experiment with motion pictures.

It would be years before I finally understood what made the image in that Yashica look “cooler” – what made it look like film. It turns out the effect I loved was a narrow depth of field. Seeing moving images with a tight focus allows things to POP. It’s the effect that makes good cinematography work.

After years of shooting video, I’ve found ways to mimic that look, but never to my satisfaction. The nature of modern video cameras doesn’t allow for really nice depth of field without highly compressing the shot, or cranking up the shutter.

All that changed when I ran into Eddie Enciu at a shoot in DC. He had a self-designed adapter on his Canon HF10 camera – called the EnCinema 35mm – that allowed him to use standard Canon still lenses. Basically the still lens focuses the image on a focus screen (much like my beloved Yashica) and the video camera macro focuses on that screen. When combined with an AVCHD camera like the HF10 and a 24P frame rate, the look is a “film-like” as you’ll ever find. It’s almost like doing a real-time telecine of a 16mm film camera.

Check out the EnCinema 35mm demo reel and see for yourself.

Visit Vid-Atlantic’s website for more information.

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