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b-roll.net LIVE

In preparation for NAB2010, we’ve teamed up with livestream to set up a live video channel here on b-roll.net. Presently we’re looping the first place finishers in the b-roll.net AWARDS, but when we land in Vegas, we’ll have intermittent live cut-ins. The “live shots” will be shot with web-cams and cell phone cameras, so the video quality might not match the equipment we’re used to, but it will be the fastest way to share the excitement of NAB with you.

If we can get a connection, we’ll have live video from the BASH. Don’t worry the really good stuff with “stay in Vegas.”

We have a small player on the front page of b-roll.net – or you can always go straight to http://b-roll.net/go/live/.

Try it out and let us know what you think.

See you “on the TV!”



Local Wire Highlights “Cameragod”

Congratulations to two-time BEST of b-roll.net International winner, Stephen Press of New Zealand.
I appears a local newswire down under picked up on Press’ accomplishments and did a story about his matching trophies.

LOCAL freelance cameraman Stephen Press has been called a “camera god” by American website, B-roll.net.

The website, which is a worldwide showcase for talented camera operators, chose Mr Press as winner of the 2010 ‘Best of B-roll.net’ International section from 400 clips entered worldwide.

“It’s an award from my peers, so is very special to me,” says Mr Press, who also won the award last year.”

Read the full story here.

The AWARDS Trophies Have Arrived!

It’s like Christmas. The FedEx guy stops by – like Santa – and drops off amazing crystal trophies to a select few top photographers of the world. (Ok, maybe the real Santa is not so discriminating). The b-roll.net AWARDS have arrived.

The folks at DIYawards have again done an amazing job producing the coveted trophies. Unfortunately, I don’t get to view the shiny monoliths before they are delivered to the winners, so this photo is all I get to see - so far. PLEASE SEND ME PHOTOS. Last year we got some great shots of our winners – you are great photographers after all!

Thanks again to all those who participated and congratulations to all the winners.

Also thanks to sponsors Fujinon, Xtender and PortaBrace for helping to make it happen.

Less than 24 Hours to Vote in b-roll.net AWARDS

The final round of the b-roll.net AWARDS voting is coming to an end. At 12noon ET on Saturday, we’ll shut down voting and tabulate the results. The new b-roller of the YEAR – along with all the other awards – will be announced soon after that.

Thanks again to Fujinon, Kennedy’s ENG, Xtender and PortaBrace for their support in this year’s contest.

GO VOTE... and stay tuned for the results.

Prizes for b-roll.net AWARDS Voters

We’ve had a wee-bit of snow here in DC this week – and covering it with a video camera has taken priority over b-roll.net.  So unfortunately, I’ve been a little delayed in posting material on the site.

The first round of b-roll.net AWARDSS voting ended a week ago, and we’re now in the final voting for the 2010 b-roll.net AWARDS. Thanks to everyone who watched hundreds of clips and gave us honest feedback on who was best in this talented race to be the b-roller of the YEAR.

We don’t expect you to do this for nothing. We’re giving prizes to top voters in both Round 1 and Round 2. We randomly pick winners from the b-rollers who have judged the most clips. Here are the results for winning voters in Round 1.

Congratulations to detroitsprings who wins a b-roll.net HAT and wutang who walks away with a b-roll.net MESSENGER BAG.

There’s still time to win in Round 2! You have 48 hours to vote – good luck to you and everyone competing in the b-roll.net AWARDS.

Round 2 of b-roll.net AWARDS Voting Has Begun

After intensive voting of nearly 400 clips, round one of the b-roll.net AWARDS is complete. We’ve combed through the results and the clips with the top 10 scores have moved on to the second round. Due to some tie scores, some categories have more than 10 clips in the second round. In addition, some clips were pulled for going significantly over the maximum clip length.

Look through the finalist to see if you made it – and to vote for the best of the best. Voting in Round 2 goes until February 13, 2010 (12 Noon ET).

We’ll have prizes for voters who judged the most clips announced soon.

Good luck to everyone in Round 2!