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b-roll.net AWARDS to Add a Production Category

trophy20102010 b-roll.net AWARDS begin [fergcorp_cdt_single date="Sat 2 Jan 2010 12:00:00 -500"].

The start of the third annual b-roll.net AWARDS is just around the corner. The first completely online video contest for TV photographers worldwide – this pioneering contest broke new ground in 2008 by allowing photogs to have their work judged by their peers, and it’s been growing year after year.

When the annual competition opens on January 1, 2010, hundreds of video clips will be entered and judged exclusively by thousands of b-roll.net members.

Work that was broadcast between January 1 through December 31, 2009 is eligible for the competition. And to make it interesting, we’ve added a few new categories this year.

Nat Sound: A single report which contains no reporter track, but rather only natural sound and subject interviews.

Non-News Production: A single clip consisting of work produced and broadcast for non-news purposes. Examples include but are not limited to commercials, promotions, industrials, episodics and music videos.

The complete rules can be found online at: http://www.b-roll.net/awards.

We’re still looking for sponsors to help up pull of the best year ever. If your company is interested please contact us today.

b-roller of the YEAR, Darren Durlach Wins NPPA POY

Talk about a clean sweep.

WBFF’s Darren Durlach is soon going to need a larger bookshelf.  After topping the b-roll.net AWARDS for two years straight, he’s just taken top honors in the National Press Photographers Association’s Photographer of the Year competition.

Last year’s Large Market, BEST of b-roll.net winner, Greg T. Johnson of WFAA in Dallas, TX, took home the Video Editor of the Year award.

Congratulations to all of the participants in the NPPA contests.

Read more about it at NPPA.org.

Durlach Wins b-roller of the YEAR

Dynamic Storyteller Sets the Standard as First b-roller of the YEAR
by Brigette Polmar

b-roller of the YEAR 2008“I try my best to pay attention to details, to things other people may miss.” By capturing every detail, Darren Durlach’s outstanding photography is rarely missed, especially by b-roll.net members who voted to make the 26-year-old Baltimore shooter the first-ever b-roller of the YEAR. “It’s been overwhelming. It’s been really cool,” said Durlach of winning the first annual b-roll.net AWARDS.

For Durlach, great shooting starts with great listening. “Just listening to people, listening to what people have to say in their stories,” said the photographer who’s also fond of using his wireless microphone to capture “fly on the wall sound.”

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