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B&H is Closed for the Week – Try us!

The Walmart or Target of video production products is closed for the week for Passover. B and H Photo Video, one of the largest retailers of video gear has shut down its website and NYC store front until April 6, 2010. I’m sure the staff appreciates the time off with their families, but you’re probably asking yourself, “what if I need some gear“?

Try the b-roll.net STORE!

We’re stocking the shelves with more goodies every day. We now carry the Xtender articulating arm, tripods from Miller Camera Support, and will soon have innovative adapters from our latest sponsor 5PinProAudio. All this and more and very competitive prices.

Stay tuned for new additions – and as always – tell us what you’d like to see on the shelves.

Buy Your Expendables from b-roll.net

b-roll.net is YOUR website for news and information about TV photography. It’s where you go each day to share stories and ideas; show off your work; and find your next gig.

Why not let it be where you do your shopping?

We’re starting the b-roll.net STORE – your site for your TV photography equipment needs. Right now you’ll find your basic expendables - gaffers tape, windscreens, light bulbs, and lens cleaning products – but this is only the beginning.

Like everything on this site, we want you to help us stock the store. We want to hear what you want on the shelves. Drop us a line and tell us what you think.

Our prices are competitive – plus we have discounts available exclusively for b-roll.net FORUM members. (Click here to learn how to set this up and start getting discounts).

b-roll.net “WOOT OFF”

Looking through the inventory of b-roll.net GEAR, I found a couple of limited edition t-shirts that were asking to be sold. Like the famous internet phenomenon, woot.com, we’re going to sell them cheap – while supplies last.

The prices in the new b-roll.net STORE are great, but can be made them even better if you merge your b-roll.net STORE account with your b-roll.net FORUM account. Read this little explanation on how to merge your accounts, and then you’ll automatically see greater discounts when you log in.

What would you like to see in the b-roll.net STORE? Need gaffers tape? What about lens cleaning supplies? Miller tripods? Fujinon lenses? I’m sure there are other products you’d like to see rather than b-roll.net LOGO GEAR. Tell us what you’d like to see in your store.

We want to offer you the products you need – at great prices – from a site you trust.

Prizes for b-roll.net AWARDS Voters

We’ve had a wee-bit of snow here in DC this week – and covering it with a video camera has taken priority over b-roll.net.  So unfortunately, I’ve been a little delayed in posting material on the site.

The first round of b-roll.net AWARDSS voting ended a week ago, and we’re now in the final voting for the 2010 b-roll.net AWARDS. Thanks to everyone who watched hundreds of clips and gave us honest feedback on who was best in this talented race to be the b-roller of the YEAR.

We don’t expect you to do this for nothing. We’re giving prizes to top voters in both Round 1 and Round 2. We randomly pick winners from the b-rollers who have judged the most clips. Here are the results for winning voters in Round 1.

Congratulations to detroitsprings who wins a b-roll.net HAT and wutang who walks away with a b-roll.net MESSENGER BAG.

There’s still time to win in Round 2! You have 48 hours to vote – good luck to you and everyone competing in the b-roll.net AWARDS.

Win by Voting in the b-roll.net AWARDS

Less than 48 hours left in the first round of the b-roll.net AWARDS, so I thought I should better explain how we’re not above bribery to get you to vote.

The first round ends this Saturday at noon. If you want a chance to win a b-roll.net BAG or a b-roll.net HAT, judge as many clips as you can. The judges who vote for the most clips will be put in a random drawing to win cool gear from b-roll.net.

After the first round ends, we’ll take the top clips from each category – clear the scores – and have another round of judging. There will be more prizes for voting in the second round – and you can win in both!

Click here to start watching. Take a look at the rules at: http://b-roll.net/awards

Good Luck to everyone!

Round One ends [fergcorp_cdt_single date="Sat 30 Jan 2010 12:00:00 -500"].