HDX900 vs. P2 for news

Recently when covering the "Super Bola" here in Dallas, I have been using my HPX370 P2 camera, this is my primary go to when covering the latest scoop or sports press conference. It's easy to play out, since I just press play and it plays back all clips without stopping for satellite uplinks. However, I have been toying with the idea of using my HDX900 wit nano Flash, since it has the option of playout of all clips in a loop, so I could essentially do the same thing with this camera, plus I would have 2/3" chips instead of 1/3", and two filter wheels. Do any of you see this shallower depth of field and better low light capabilities as advantageous? I guess the only trade off is more weight and higher battery consumption. All other things are basically equal, both cameras have really nice glass with extenders.

Which camera would you choose any why?

Ip 54 rating on lights important?

so I am geting quotes on the Nila lights right now and one of the options is IP 54 rated water resistant. To me I am not quite sure it is worth the extra 1300 or so but before I make a final decision I figured I would ask others here if you own Nilas are they the water resistant versions? If not do you wish you had spent the extra 1300. Personally I am located in Texas so water is only an issue a few times a year but when it is it tends to really come all at once.

Live truck in the Lighting

Just curious how folks feel about operating a live truck in the lighting with the mast off the deck. I feel its not a good idea especially when the storm is right on top of you and its ground to sky type lighting. Would appreciate some feedback as I see others often run off the deck of the van.



I'm looking for the best way to rig a golf umbrella over the reporter to keep rain off their expensive haircut. What do you use to grip the umbrella handle, and has anyone found a way to shorten the thin aluminum umbrella shaft while keeping it sturdy enough to withstand a bit of wind.

Many thanks

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