Civil Right


If people like Al Sharpton and Jackson tout civil rights do they have a responcebility to stick up for everyones civil rights?

I faced this man this moring intent with interfereing with MY CIVIL RIGHTS. And assaulting me. I have been a TV news cameraman since the days of film in the 70's. This nation has spent all kinds of money on social programs but it seems in the comunitys were the most money is spent are also the communitys were I see the most interference.


Using Vine app in the newsroom

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 2.43.47 PMIn today’s media environment it’s important that news organizations actively seek out audience, and with its 40 million registered users, Vine is a social media platform worth considering.

But who is using it well and what can journalists learn from their experience?  The Reynolds Journalism Institute produced a video case study on Mashable’s use of Vine.  Some of the takeaways include:

  • Use Vine promotionally.  At Mashable, the bulk of the Vines produced are intended to promote content.  These “teases” work particularly well for highly visual stories.
  • Vine can work for breaking news as Mashable’s Ashley Codiani found during coverage of protests in Ferguson, Missouri.  She captured snapshots of the demonstrators and edited them together for a :06 view of the intensity of the situation.
  • Mashable has also used Vine to promote engagement by creating “community challenges.”  The create a unique hashtag and then ask for the Vine community to contribute riffs on a theme, such as one asking people to document the world in slow motion.  Mashable has also had success in generating revenue by attaching sponsors to the challenges.

The second half of the video explores the Washington Post’s politics team and their use of SnapChat for engaging audience.



I need to get some more cases. I'm looking for advice.

I find the Pelicans to be pretty heavy before I even put any thing in them. I have one that is 25 Lbs before I even put stuff in it! I've heard the Storm Cases are a little lighter. Is any one using the SKB ones? Gator makes some good musician cases. Is any one using their stuff for video gear? Any other brands you'd recommend?

I need cases for:
A couple of LED 1x1s (together, preferably one with wheels)
A 17" monitor
A 7" monitor, a 2 bay Anton Bauer charger and a few Dionics.
Small grip kit (would get heavy fast)
Maybe light stands too.

I've used a golf case to ship my tripods and C-stands before. Its actually very easy to get a golf case over 100 Lbs. Especially if you're loading it with C-stands!

HDX900 vs. P2 for news

Recently when covering the "Super Bola" here in Dallas, I have been using my HPX370 P2 camera, this is my primary go to when covering the latest scoop or sports press conference. It's easy to play out, since I just press play and it plays back all clips without stopping for satellite uplinks. However, I have been toying with the idea of using my HDX900 wit nano Flash, since it has the option of playout of all clips in a loop, so I could essentially do the same thing with this camera, plus I would have 2/3" chips instead of 1/3", and two filter wheels. Do any of you see this shallower depth of field and better low light capabilities as advantageous? I guess the only trade off is more weight and higher battery consumption. All other things are basically equal, both cameras have really nice glass with extenders.

Which camera would you choose any why?

Ip 54 rating on lights important?

so I am geting quotes on the Nila lights right now and one of the options is IP 54 rated water resistant. To me I am not quite sure it is worth the extra 1300 or so but before I make a final decision I figured I would ask others here if you own Nilas are they the water resistant versions? If not do you wish you had spent the extra 1300. Personally I am located in Texas so water is only an issue a few times a year but when it is it tends to really come all at once.

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