Dave Wertheimer on the Axis of Evil

Screen direction and “crossing the axis” are always tricky concepts to wrap your brain around when you first start shooting. Dave Wertheimer illustrates it perfectly in this video from the NPPA Workshops.

Cameragod Introduces HACKS

Our Kiwi-in-Chief, New Zealander, Stephen Press, has started a new segment of Simply dubbed, “ HACKS.” The HACK here is great – and we love the concept of YOU telling us how to do it better. Video tape your tips and send your HACKS to

Stopping Time With The Marmalade

I realize this doesn’t have huge practical applications in news, but the images are fascinating. This is a demo reel for a German effects shot house. I have to say I’m growing thirsty and hungry from watching this…

Team Lenslinger’s Final NAB 2010 Opus

Stewart, Chris, Rick and Adam ran around like crazy in Las Vegas. It’s almost as if they were drugged… Thankfully, they documented as much as possible on video – so when they woke up in their monster suite, all hungover, they could relieve the adventures. I’m not sure if any tigers were abducted… or babies found in closets – but I do think there was a fist fight with Wayne…

NAB 2010 – vs VJ

NAB 2010 – Al Tompkins Interview

NAB 2010 – Peggy Phillip Interview