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old Patagonia gloves

3 Rights and a Left (or Fun with Fingerless Gloves)

Ten years  ago I developed what I thought was the perfect cold weather glove solution. I wrote in the first “cold weather tips” about my tried and true Patagonia fingerless gloves with thin polypropylene glove liners. These gloves got me through some hard-core winters (as hardcore as the Mid-Atlantic region can dish out). Fast forward […]

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Ion Audio Creates “2-Faced” Video Camera

From: Uncrate Ion Audio plans to release the Ion Twin Video in Q2 of 2010. This little “wonder-cam” shoots and records from 2 cameras on opposite sides. That way, you can shoot the all important “action – re-action” with one camera. The target audience is YouTube, but I see this as the VJ camera of […]

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Tom Guilmette Reviews the Kessler CineSlider

Boston based DP, Tom Guilmette, is passionate about cool motion picture toys. He’s been a pioneer in working  with DOF adapter, DSLRs for video and time-lapse shooting. He also does a great job reviewing the equipment he finds. In his latest review, I’d swear I was watching Les Stroud of Survivorman, as Guilmette shoots the […]

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SmoothieR Rear View_72

Steadicam Creates “Smoothee” for iPhone

LAS VEGAS, NV – January 7, 2010 — The Tiffen Company, award winning manufacturer of still image and video accessories, announced today at the International Consumer Electronics Show, the release of the Steadicam Smoothee, a new “easy to use right out of the box” image stabilizer for use with the Apple iPhone 3Gs. The Smoothee, […]

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3D “Avatar” Shot on Fujinon Lenses

It turns out James Cameron‘s latest epic film – the three-dimensional sci-fi flick, Avatar – was shot on Fujinon lenses. I don’t see TV news going to 3D anytime soon, but it does show you what top quality lenses can do in the hands of a great DP like Vince Pace. Just wait until they […]

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Mini NAB at DC’s GV Expo

Every year, during the first week of December, Government Video, the magazine dedicated to – well –  government video has a conference and expo in DC. It’s our own little baby NAB Show, complete with vendors, demos and new toys. I had a chance to wander the hall for a brief time on Thursday. Panasonic […]

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Les Baker Reviews the Kata OMB-75

From: Les Baker As professional video equipment gets smaller and smaller, it seems like we’re carrying around a lot more of it. Tapes are out, cards and disks are in. BNCs and XLRs are working in conjunction with USBs and firewires. The laptop is competing with the sat truck. Big cameras are being replaced by […]

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