Help Out a Fellow Photog

My Norfolk, VA buddy Ryan Beard is an exceptionally gifted shooter who went from studio camera, to news camera to production shooter. Not only does he have a great eye, he’s got a great heart – and a big smile for the folks around him. I was greatly disheartened to hear that he’s recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. He’s going through treatment now, but the doctors are…

The Bay Area Camera Thefts Are Getting Worse

From “Veteran KRON 4 reporter Jeff Bush and a private security guard were covering a story in San Francisco Friday evening when they were the targets of a hold-up. Two armed men demanded Jeff’s equipment. He immediately surrendered the equipment and took cover. Shots were fired by the security guard. One of the gunmen was hit, and later drove himself to the hospital.”

ImageJunkies Tells Us How to Deal with the Cold

Long time friend of, Christian Parkinson is a BBC photog based in South Africa. His blog site, ImageJunkies is filled with amazing stories of international network shooting as well as the tips and tricks that come with it… As our weather here in DC starts to cool off, the fear of winter is creeping up on us (Ok, maybe “fear” is a strong word). BBC Camerawoman Julie Ritson has…

Dave Wertheimer on the Axis of Evil

Screen direction and “crossing the axis” are always tricky concepts to wrap your brain around when you first start shooting. Dave Wertheimer illustrates it perfectly in this video from the NPPA Workshops.

New Server for

Hello, my FRIENDS!

It’s been so long since I posted on this site – I feel like I should re-introduce myself.

Lately, our trusty…

Rick Portier Writes MMJ Handbook

Editor note: Rick “Turdpolisher” Portier is adding a second book to his library. Not the second one he’s read… the second one he’s written! Here’s the background he shared with me… Just wanted to hip you to the new guide I just finished. A consultant friend (I bet you never thought you’d see me use those two words together.) and I were talking the other day. We just so happened…

Northern Short Course in Elizabeth, NJ – March 8-9, 2013

NSC TV Program 2013 Elizabeth, New Jersey TV News is changing fast. How it is delivered and what constitutes news is changing with it. How will you adapt to new technologies, new audiences, and new demands on your skills. Get a fresh perspective on the building blocks of TV news storytelling and learn how your professional peers are surviving and thriving. Come watch outstanding stories by great photojournalists. Learn some…