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There used to be a time when you could base all your lens selection on that of 35mm lenses. You knew the field of view that you’d get and could use terms like 28-80mm to describe an all-purpose zoom lens. The problem these days is almost every camera and format uses a different pickup size and thus a 50mm lens on one doesn’t match a 50mm lens on another.

The folks at AbelCineTech have put together a web page to help you visualize it all.

Punch in the camera you’re using and the lens you’ve selected and you can get a side by side comparison of field of view.

It’s kinda cool to play with… and it’s FREE.

Check it out here…

3 thoughts on “Visualize your Field of View”

  1. There’s an app I use on my iPhone called P CAM. It’s not free… Actually it’s $40. But I use it all the time now. Best thing about it is that it has field of view, DOF, hyperfocal distance, and a lot of other handy features that allow you to select from a comprehensive list of image sensors. It also helps with mired shift calculations, referencing specific filter numbers including GAM and Lee. Also comes with color bar reference screen and focus chart. Just thought I’d pass it along in case any of you have not heard of it. I don’t have time to use it in run and gun situations, but when precision is my goal it’s very handy.

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