How to Back Focus an XDCAM EX Camera

From: CineTechnica

New technology brings smaller cameras and smaller controls. The new changeable lens EX cameras from Sony have a much more menu driven method to correct the back focus.

Andy Shipsides of AbelCine takes us through the process.

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2 Responses to “How to Back Focus an XDCAM EX Camera”

  1. Is there a way to adjust back focus on a Z1U?

  2. Yes… but not as a camera operator. Only as a camera engineer.

    Some camera companies besides Sony can fix the back focus issues with the Z1U, but some of those places are shady too. From experience, I can say that Sony is the way to go, but I believe Digitron Electronics does a lot of work for Sony (as a sub contractor) — so you could try them.

    Once your Z1U has back focus issues, it is time to send it in for a fix, but if the lens is bad, then it will cost about $1300… either way… as soon as you have back focus issues, it is time to sell the camera.. after you fix it.