Createasphere Gives Us a Quickie on White Balance

The folks at Createasphere (formally HD Expo) have put together a few quickie training videos to help illustrate some basic principles of motion pictures and digital filmaking. In this one, Jeffery Seckendorf discusses and demonstrates principles of color temperature. Shooting 101, to be sure, but a nicely put together introduction to our friend Lord Kelvin and his HOT lights!

Quickies from Createasphere: Color Temperature Basics for Film and Digital

Check out all the QUICKIES.

3 thoughts on “Createasphere Gives Us a Quickie on White Balance”

  1. Great overview of the physics of White balance. Does that mean you have to set the white ballance for each scene i.e. inside or outside, and if so how do you do it?

  2. Good basics.
    I find many young shooters rely on the info their viewfinder gives them when they white balance. It may say that the light is 4600k but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Most don’t realize that number doesn’t tell them how much green/magenta there is the lighting. In a less than controlled environment, color temperature is just a starting point.

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