How to Make Your Own Camera Slider

German digital-marketing-guru, Friedhelm Fischer, has created a simple tutorial for making a professional grade camera slider. The video explains it all, but you can read more about it on his website,

The shots at the end of the video show the amazingly subtle effects you can get when the slider. The beauty is accentuated by the shallow depth-of-field of the Canon 7D – but this could make your next boring “documents” shoot come alive.

Thanks Friedhelm for sharing…

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3 Responses to “How to Make Your Own Camera Slider”

  1. I am having difficulty locating the list of parts Friedhelm-Fischer talked about for the Slider, even though I searched his website. Any hints on the distributors/vendors and the list of parts?

    Great video and wonderful contribution by Friedhelm-Fischer. Thanks

  2. All the information can be found on my site:

    -Complete build instructions (downloadable version too!)
    -Part numbers & ordering information
    -Additional info on adding a carriage brake and much more

    I first posted this project a few years ago on and it’s just taken off!

    Happy Sliding,