TV Azteca and the Watermark

watermark I’m starting to think that the folks at TV Azteca read Or at least Nino‘s thread about watermarking your video.

The live hijacking footage coming out of Mexico today on all the networks was plastered with the TV Azteca logo. I’ve seen bugs and “courtesies” but never something across the entire image. Is this the future of shared video?

3 thoughts on “TV Azteca and the Watermark”

  1. TV Azteca has always done this to their video sent out to other sources. I work for Univision TV and at times they have had the only video available for whatever reason. More often than not…they do this to their video. I think they have problem with their local competetion steeling video so they have taken to these measures.

  2. Both TV Azteca and Televisa do this on a constant basis, especially when they have “exclusive” video…

    This has been going on for about 6-7 years now…

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