Do It Yourself TV

tv-station.jpgHow many times have you been frustrated with your station’s management and said those famous words… “If I owned the TV station, I’d do things differently.”? Well, now is your chance.

A UHF TV station is up for sale in Muskegon, Michigan (home of Ice Breaking Live Trucks?), and they’ve decided to sell it through the most prestigious of re-sellers…

According to the eBay listing:

“This is a working TV Station UHF. It has been on the air 16 years has a new transmitter and all accessories, studio cameras 8 Satellite dishes. Comes with a Commercial Building next to a express way with easy on and easy off.”

And the recommended uses?

“This station is a 24-hour broadcast station, it could be used as a christian station and receive donations, or be made into a full time shopping station.”

Start saving your pennies. If you can’t wait until the auction is complete, the “Buy It Now” price is only $750,000.

Thanks to Bryan Tulwits for the tip…

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3 Responses to “Do It Yourself TV”

  1. The truck that went through the ice was in the Milwuakee, WI area, not Muskegon, MI.

  2. “Who wants to drink from the Firehose!”

  3. I prefer wheel of fish myself…