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Default Christmas Giving

We did this between morning live hits on Christmas Eve. This aired at noon.

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Dude...great job. Loved the action in this...loved the motion in this. Maybe my headphone are TOO GOOD but I noticed that the reporter track audio sometime sounded a bit rough...just a fade in and fade out can help with that...because I hear the dead air spot when it comes on and ends. Small pet peeve of mine. Also...I've been toying with what I can "micro nats" for a few years...these are nats that aren't true nat breaks but they sorta act like one just to help when you have a noisy story like you had here. Try this next time:
You had a line in there....Project for the Needy has filled box after box (double nat). Nothing wrong with that but this is where "micro nat" can be a tad bit better and just help in general flow.
Instead: Project for the needy has filled (micro nat) box after (micro nat) box....

Believe it or not but there's a huge differance in those two when it comes to flow and just is a highly advanced skill to pull off and you are certainly more than capable of pulling it off. Try it sometime. And I mean these things are quick but I think super effective. Nice work. Keep it up.
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