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Default Dear God

I was glancing at Inside Edition from the Oscars, and in the background, I saw another crew....shooting MII!! I thought that stuff died a miserable death years ago!
Drew Stewart, WIS-TV Columbia,SC
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I still see El Caminos on the road.
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f11vid will become famous soon enough

The difference being that at least El Caminos RUN.Perhaps they were live and just using it as a back for a beta
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Originally Posted by Freddie Mercury View Post
I still see El Caminos on the road.
I saw one of these today:

I thought they had all long since rusted away!

As for the MII, could that crew have been some small outfit doing their own production on the cheap? You can still pick up MII gear that "works," at least as well as MII gear ever did. If somebody were trying their damnedest to get their own documentary made on a shoestring budget, they might have been tempted by the low cost?

My former employer had an entire room at our emergency site full of MII equipment. They were keeping it to use in case of emergency, if our primary facility were destroyed and took all our normal equipment along with it. The braintrusts who came up with that idea thought if terrorists destroyed our building, we could just saunter on out to the "off site" and gear up with MII, then get a product on the air.

We laughed at them.
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