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Default IFB and Cell Phones

Recently we have found while using our cell phones as a back-up wireless IFB box, whereas we plug our Ear Piece and connect to the IFB line. That the audio even when the volume on the phone is turned all the way up it is still not loud enough to hear cues from the booth. Has anybody else experienced a similar problem?
I talked to our Engineers and Audio Booth and there isn't a way to turn the Audio up on the from the booths. I also went to Radio Shack and they said that a blue tooth ear piece may be the best alternative but may not actually increase the volume of the call.
Just wanted to see what your experiences have been and if you have found a solution.
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What's the impedance of the receiver of your IFB?

You'll need a low-impedance receiver on a cell phone if you want to plug directly into it. The earbuds that the phone is expecting are about 32ohms.
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Default cellphone audio for IFB

Canuck is spot on. You will need a low impedence clarifier. Audio Implements GKC out of wisconsin is the company I've always used. They are great they have all kinds of options for the clarifier (small button that plugs onto the cable from the audio source and then sends audio to the earpiece)

They also have cell tap devices that will step up the audio output. Not cheap but robust and reliable. You can always take the audio from you cell phone jack and make a cable to convert it to XLR and then step up the audio with any type of self powered IFB box. Again Audi Implements GKC is a great company. Advanced Communications System is a splinter company that took the Gkc designs and added some protection circuits.

Lowering the impedence on the clarifier is the best place to start. The next step would be a phone plug to male XLR. If all else fails there are dozens of companies that make cell taps.

Whirlwind, JK Audio, GKC, Advanced Communication Systems all make good options. It's all about driving the level up or removing the impedence that's keeping it down..Good luck
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I emailed the folks at Audio Implements and this is what they suggested. Thanks guy's I appreciate the help.

Part #423 Model #CP-201-A
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I just picked up a JK Audio Remote Amp Blue which I know these days trying to sell a $400 IFB box isn't easy but it has been really nice. It connects via bluetooth and is perfect for a live truck without wireless IFB, or any of the other varieties of magical backpack uplinks.
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