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Default Making the switch

After 5 years as a news photog/editor, I'm now an "All-platform journalist." Enjoying it so far and I'm curious to see how many other general news photogs are now writing/tracking and doing live shots.

Anyone having problems with the transition?
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No worries here. I'm no journalist. I'm a video producer who would rather shoot his own footage than pay someone to do it slower and providing less than what I need in post. It's been the growing of technology coupled with the dropping of prices for gear that has allowed me to do the one man band thing. While I use be specialize in post production by day then go shoot my own stuff by night, now I get to tackle each project as a whole. This gives my clients far superior results, keeps their budgets much lower than paying more folks than are required for a video, and gives me much more creative freedom... and exercise. It's funny. I sat in an edit suite with youth and strength for more than 20 years. Now, with a bad back, a bum knee, shaky hands, one ear, and blurry eyes I find myself running with gear half the time. lol

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I recently made the switch. Worked as a photog/producer/editor/reporter for 4 years. Now I'm what our station calls an MMJ (multi-media journalist). Unfortunately, the only thing that has changed is the title. I've done a couple of stories, but I spend most of my time as a photog or filling in other positions as needed. I was probably doing just as much ... if not more ... before my title changed. Not that I'm complaining, I just know I need the practice.
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I could never do live shots. Tattoos, piercings, bald, ha. Glad ya making the transition tho. As long as you like it.
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I wore an orange mohawk when they asked me to omb...
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