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Question Using Micro P2 adapter??

Greeting all,

I have a Micro P2 adapter. I'm using it in my Panasonic HPX3100.

As the manual indicates, I am in AVC-Intra 50 mode and using cards with at least 95 megabit/sec data rate, one is a PNY64 gig and Lexar 128 gig is the other one. Neither works, the "format" page in the thumbnail menu stays ghosted for both slot one and two.

Any suggestions as to what cards/brands will work? Am I overlooking something?

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Are you certain that speed is the writing rate and not the reading rate? Otherwise I don't have any suggestions.
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Double check your cards. Most SDHC are not compatible. You need to use SDXC cards. Also try to use U3 class cards. PNY, SanDisk and Lexar are great cards for the price.
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