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We are shooting on Panasonic AG-DVC200P Cameras and using "white" Panasonic AY-DV96MQ Tapes. The problem is we are hitting a ton of glitches and audio drop-outs, and no one can figure out why? Engineering has looked at it, and it seems to be souly a tape problem (3 Stories Shot - 2 good/1 bad). We have tried the "gray" Panasonic AY-DV96AMQ Tapes as a replcement, but they are even worse. The setting on the cams are right on, but it seems to be more than just a bad batch.

Is anyone else experiencing this kind of problem? If so, how are you fixing the problem?

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I've had a few problems with panasonic tapes. I use the AJP-L tapes. We had problems with breaks in time codes AFTER we blacked the tapes.

I figured we just had a bad batch of tapes. The next time I ordered, they were out of Panasonic tapes and sent me Fuji tapes instead (usually same price) and never had a problem again.

I am finding that I have more problems with Panasonic then I ever did when I shot on Sony products. My solution - try the Fuji tapes and see how that works.

If you want to order from my guys - send me an email and I'd be happy to give you their number.
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