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Default Moving on from Sony EX3

I have a couple of regular clients that shoot on Sony EX1 and EX3 cameras, and also have SxS cards they want me to use.

I have been renting an EX3, since it's too late in the game to adopt an old camera.

However, I am considering a new Sony XDCAM camera. I'm torn between a PMW300, that is the EX3 successor, or the Sony FS7, which shoots XDCAM, albeit on some funky new media called QXD cards.

Does any one see the EX3 market/clients turning over to the FS7 in large numbers?
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It depends.....

How happy you want to keep the SxS card clients? They decided to invest in cards and a certain workflow. You can provide cameras that use SxS cards or not. Will they go away if you don't use SxS cards? Are you willing to invest in SxS cards for your own use?

Do these clients require 4:2:2/50 files? Also, the cards are formatted differently and require a different drivers to read the cards. It seems if they request EX series cameras, they are okay with 4:2:0/35 files.

The EX-3 makes a nice picture. The PMW-300 was created for users wanted 4:2:2/50 files. Both form factors are not the greatest. EX-3 prices float around $4500 bucks. If you can pay it off in quickly, it may be a good deal.

If you plan to buy by the end of the month, Sony has a $1500 buck rebate on the PMW-320.

The PXW-FS7 is a different animal. It's a "film style" camera. It has a larger sensor and can do true 4k with the new firmware. The new codec does record in 10 bit factor. So far, Sony had made two power zooms, which are parafocal. Other zoom lenses are not parafocal. Run & gun may be a bit tougher. But since it can shoot 4k, the life span might be longer than just HD cameras.

The FS7 is the new kid in town. Limited supplies had kept sales down. I think it's too early to know if EX-3 uses will move up to 4k or not. The FS7 does do 4:2:2/50 HD. The question is those who have cards, are willing to ditch them for QXD cards? The good thing about the EX-3, it has a big parafocal zoom.

As for the new card, what do you do when you shoot P2? I think you can apply the same methods that you use for P2.

Since you have used Canon's C series cameras, you have an idea what you will encounter with the FS7.

It comes down to what will make money? How long to pay it off.
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