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Default P2 Problem/Alert

Heads up for chiefs who deal with P2's. We had a camera that would record video/audio perfectly. The problem was that the camera would not play clips in the camera. We tried different cards, no luck. We could play clips recorded in this camera in our other cameras.

Finally, noticed on power-up the LCD and viewfinder would flash CANNOT PLAY for a few seconds. Shipped it to Panasonic twice. They sent it back fixed both times. Both times it would still not play clips.

Eventually determined the lens was causing the problem. We are using Fuji's and apparently there is some issue with the circuitry in the lens causing some sort of power glitch in the camera body. The camera would play clips with the lens power cable unattached, we could put a different lens on the camera and it would work perfectly and we could put the "bad" lens on a different camera and that camera would fail.

So, if your P2's indicate they won't play clips, check the lens to see if that's the problem. Apparently Fuji is aware of the issue, but since it's so rare, they really haven't jumped on it.
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thanx for the tip!

we use canons and fujis and haven't had the issue but we'll know where to look if a lens goes awry.
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I wish I had seen this sooner...Panasonic Reps were in our shop today touting their wares. Would have loved to ask them about this "little issue", since the camera they brought had Fuji glass on it.

Liked the camera, but since our server is a P.O.S., it won't talk to p2, except in a real time ingest mode. At that rate, why bother?

Maybe "Santa"; aka corporate will bring me a new airplay server for Christmas...yeah, right. :-)

Thanks for the 'heads up"! I'll have to alert the engineering dept.
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sounds like another winner from panasonic.
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Uh, sounds like a problem with the FUJI lens, not the P2.
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You are correct. It is a Fuji problem - but when someone describes it to you it sounds like a camera problem. After all, who would have thought camera features would malfunction because of a lens issue.

Anyway, to update, our lens has been returned - work done under warranty and Fuji replaced the drive unit in the lens.

So if anyone notices the problem we had, I hope this will cut down any down time you might have with your cameras.
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Default P2 Problems

Thanks for the tip we were going to buy a third HPX-500 and the Fuji was cheaper.
I'll say with the Cannon.

We have had good luck with the 500. I have always been a Sony man but this camera has been a real work horse.

Our big problem has been Avid.
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There are 2 different Fujinon lenses available in packages for Panasonic cameras. One is the XA17x7.6BERM-48 and one is the XA17x7.6BERM-58 (well, there are also non-2x versions of each). The M-58 lens is for the HPX500, whereas the M-48 lens does not have the correct pin config in the lens cable to work with all the HPX features. It was originally shipped in packages with the HDX900. Could be that you had an M-48 lens and it needed a little 'boost'?
Or, if nothing else, if buying an HPX500, be careful that any "deal" you get includes the M-58 lens.
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