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Default Betacam SX Ingest question


I did search as best I could first. I found these two threads:


but, that's info circa 2008, and doesn't really answer my question.

So, I *thought* I got the steal of the century on a Betacam SX. Hey, SP was king and still can fight, so SX should be more better, right?

Well, I didn't do enough due diligence. Apparently, I bought the only Sony camera without the universal connector! In fact, it appears with one exception, the only way out is the tape (no interest in driving tapes to dub) or the friggin monitor tap.

It seems a waste to have all that glass and 3 chips if it's only a composite video out.

SO... options:

1 - sell camera, do better.
2 - Composite will be ok for local ENG stringer work, you worry too much
3 - start on the quest to find (supercheaply) the unicorn-like SDI 701/702 converter, and use that to squirt it into the laptop
4 - find a pinout of the semihidden 40pin accy conn and see if there's some usable video signals to make my own breakout box.


PS - I sent out an email to the local affiliates and community cable channels on what formats they prefer / accept. No responses yet.
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