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Default Panasonic AJ PX380 Steaming

Hi everyone
My station got new Panasonic 380 cameras.

Apparently, these cameras have the ability to stream live video to a computer program to help expedite logging. The manual is not being very helpful to me for some reason, and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this camera and function and how to try it out.

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Sorry to hear that. Network over here bought its 2/3 version (whatever that is) for the ability to stream live video, we never got it to work properly and ended up buying some more live U's.
Also issues with the micro P2 cards. Only use one in the camera at a time, it will save you a lot of grief.
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We were considering those cameras but, frankly, I've yet to come across anyone with them that has got the live stream function to work. Although unrelated, we did buy a Sony NX5R for the new MMJ position we created and I've been using it for two weeks now to get it where we want it. It has internal Wifi with FTP capabilities that have worked great. The live stream works but you need a dedicated server to stream to back at the station. It has Ustream built into the camera but you can't stream to other platforms like YouTube or Facebook without it first passing through the server at the station. Hoping future cameras from Sony add support for YouTube and Facebook Live since we use those a lot. Overall, I love the NX5R. Only downside is AVID won't take the XAVC codec without first running it through a third party software to transcode it. Kinda of pointless and time consuming so we just shoot AVCHD on it. Thankfully I think the station is finally going to dump AVID. Hallelujah!!!
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Originally Posted by svp View Post
Thankfully I think the station is finally going to dump AVID. Hallelujah!!!
I'm so jealous!! I Hate, Hate, Hate, Avid

Did I tell you how much I hate Avid!
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