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Default Photog to OMB

I was wondering if any photogs had gone to the dark side to become a OMB/Multi-Media Journalist. I've started my own pros and cons list, just curious once you're in it how you liked it.
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Done it off and on for years.
Good: No one looking over your shoulder/more control over the final product.
Bad: No one looking over your shoulder to catch errors; difficult to shoot and interview at the same time (always checking the viewfinder and not focusing on the questions as much).
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I have not tried the OMB. Nor do I want to. My take maybe a little different! I do not see it working!!!

Like cyndy said "difficult to shoot and interview at the same time (always checking the viewfinder and not focusing on the questions as much)"

The old saying "Jack of all, Master of none" holds true with the OMB. The OMB's that I have seen and see on a regular bases are fresh out of college kids who are all ready at a disadvantage. Thrown to the wolves at their first job to cover stories as a OMB and they don't even know the basics. What I see is what a lot of people in this industry ignore, are jump cuts, flash frames, staging, incorrect facts, poor lighting ( or no lighting) poor composition, poor writing, poor editing, and so on, and so on.

I keep hearing the industry is changing, like film to video, shooters and editors doing both etc. Don't you think that this is different??? When these changes were happening like film to video, there were still high standards. Sure, I'm sure the film guys were upset but really quality was still pretty high and if it wasn't, people were there to make sure they kept them high. Standards mattered. Not true today. It's about cheap labor and who can the managers get to do it.

Sorry but 95% of the OMB's that I run into hate it but its a foot in the door. My question is a foot into the door of what? More OMBanding. Do these kids really think that an opportunity will open up to be a so-called real reporter!!!
"What I don't like is the organization that was created to help and defend great photography has got a hand in killing it." - Punky Cameraman
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being a photog I guess I don't mind OMBing...I do this on the weekends and I really enjoy it. I also have more time one the weekend to get things done (well). During the week I am an assignment photog and I really like the freedom to do really fun and interesting stories on the weekends. I can see where there are more mistakes made and especially how the fresh off the boat kids are just being ruined. It's just our industry I guess...making cuts to save cash.
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