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Default Rotator Cuff

First off, just to clarify, mine was NOT a workers comp case:
About a half-year ago, I gradually started developing pain and irritation symptoms in my shoulder. Finally I ended up getting rotator cuff surgery to clean out a lot of the sinovitis and bursitis, and I'm now 1 month post-op. Just barely yesterday my PT started doing some very mild active strengthening, but mostly up till now I've been doing passive ROM.

I'm planning on returning to light duty in a couple of weeks, just editing for now.
It seems like it's been a very slow recovery for me, and I was expecting that, but still it's very frustrating, and it stresses me out thinking of having to ask my employer to accommodate me as an in-house editor, when they may or may not need an extra editor at this time. I'm approved for some short term disability, but I don't want to rely too much on that because that only pays 60% of my salary. It's frustrating not knowing how long it will take, or even if I will recover fully any time soon. My body needs maintenance and repair, but unlike a camera or live truck, you can't just say, "It'll be fixed and back in service by Thursday..."

Any other photojournalists out there been through this type of surgery before? I'd appreciate if you'd share your experience here.

How long did it take to get back to full-duty shooting?
What was your experience with your company's medical leave benefits?
How accommodating and sympathetic was your company through the whole ordeal?
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