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Default i'm in the market for a new camera

Greetings folks.

I'm currently still shooting on my HDX900 tape camera with a Nano Flash and I also have a Sony C300.

I am thinking about retiring my HDX900 and maybe moving on to a Sony FS7. I know that the camera has an HD-SDI output and that I could use it for ENG and live shots.

Some of my news clients, as well as corporate are accepting the Sony fS7. I don't see too much of a problem as long as I have time to change lenses if I want to go to a longer focal length.

I'm not sure if I want to own another 2/3 camera if I can get a larger sensor that's better in low light, esp. for ENG at night.

What are the pros/cons in your opinion of shooting on an FS7?
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