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Default Downplaying NYC events??

Over the holiday weekend in NYC a series of events occured which could technically be called terrorism; yet those same events didn't make much in the way of headlines. As a matter of fact outside of the NYC region it was mostly second page news of about one paragraph; which given the article length didn't cover all of the facts- thereby downplaying the event. On television it was largely ignored; or upstaged by the events in North Korea; or the festivities of Decoration Day/Memorial Day.

Yet all three events in NYC appear connected; and also appear a lot like former incidents which have occured at politial targets such as at a recruiting center and at embasies. -And also noting the timing of the events and that so far nobody has been killed.

But so far "in general" the media is buying (hook, line, and sinker) the line from the feds that it's not really terrorism.

But how much longer will it all continue until at least one person (if not a lot more) are killed. -Or until these relatively smaller devices get larger- or perhaps hit (if even accidently) a larger target such as say a natural gas line, or the gasoline tank of a vehicle, or perhaps a gaslone delivery tanker.

Sorry, but this deserves a lot more media attention. This appaers to be a lot more organized than just one single person trying to make a political message. Let's keep it from getting a lot larger.
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MrHasselblad do you work in journalism?

I really hope not, because journalists are supposed to disseminate information. Things like who, what, when, where, why and how.

After reading your post, all I got was where, and even that is pretty bad info because NYC is a pretty big city. If this is really going on, then stop acting like a "National Enquire" fiction / conspiracy writer and give us something to go on.
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Not much love there, Zac. Yes, he could have shared more information, but I don't believe he was filing a story for print.

We are already in a different holiday weekend. Has there been any furthering of the story, or can you share anything more about what the original incidents were?
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its nice post
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